31 August 2009

Your money... his friends

An encore performance...

The chairman of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. plans to resign as early as today in a pre-emptive strike by the McGuinty government aimed at heading off a potential scandal over lavish spending on travel and entertaining, sources say.

One source said the government was looking at whether to replace the entire board, and talks were still under way last night. The boardroom shakeup comes amid concerns by the McGuinty government that it could become embroiled in another scandal similar to the one involving eHealth Ontario, the sources said.

According to one of the sources, government officials are concerned that if they do not make changes at the board level, they could face criticism for not doing enough to reform the agency that has been dogged by scandal for several years.

The sources said government officials are scrambling to deal with OLG before documents come to light containing details about lavish spending on entertainment and travel by some executives of the agency.
Yup... that's why we call him Premier McSlippery.



C.Mom said...

Just an observation, no hard data to base this on, but has any one else noticed that the lottery prizes are biggggggger muuuuuch more often now that the loop holes on lottery machine owners winning has been sorta fixed up?

Must be just a co-inky-dink right?

Anonymous said...

Actually I have noticed that.
What I don't get is how the removal of the board members will help McSlippery and the Libs, this will just look like an attempted cover up.

Philanthropist said...

Corrupt Liberal criminals, again.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... What I don't get is how the removal of the board members will help McSlippery and the Libs"

it won't... but just like the ehealth deal... i guess they've gotta throw somebody under the bus and pray the public has a short memory.