13 August 2009

Some countries, apparently, don't have...

...anything remotely like the Canadian Human Rights Commissions...

Assailants armed with arrows, spears and machetes killed a Scottish-born geologist in an apparent dispute over mining rights in southeastern Kenya, police said today.
A dispute, huh? Makes you wonder what these folks do when they're really pissed off.
Campbell Bridges, 72, was attacked by about a dozen people Tuesday after stopping to remove a log on the road as he drove to a camp in a mining area near Tsavo West National Park, said local Deputy Police Chief John Leshindoro.
Alrighty... that's one more place scratched off the vacation list.


FROM THE COMMENTS: The intellectual left responds...
"In Canada, we murder Polish tourists with state-sanctioned weapons. But that's ok."


Anonymous said...

In Canada, we murder Polish tourists with state-sanctioned weapons. But that's ok.

KURSK said...

No it's not 'O.K.'

What's your point, and what does it have to do with the original post?

Neo Conservative said...

"another little nonny-mouse troll screams... we murder Polish tourists with state-sanctioned weapons"

yup... now the trolls don't even bother with pseudonyms like "martin" or "liberal supporter".

hmmm... a hapless tourist, huh? maybe you need to read slower, my friend...

"As long as we're having a long, drawn out taxpayer-funded inquiry... I wanna know... 'How exactly does an unemployed, non-English speaking, middle-aged alcoholic with obvious mental health issues get to the front of the immigration queue'?"

yes, of course, you dumbstick... that makes me a card-carrying member of the kkk.

is this about what's fair? did any of the 12,000 canadians who died from hospital-caused infections last year deserve it? where's your outraged letter to the editor about that?

anyway, nonny... send me your name and address and i'll start a fund-raising drive to send your whiny pinko ass on a one-way trip to kenya.

maybe you'll feel safer there.


Anonymous said...

anyway, nonny... send me your name and address and i'll start a fund-raising drive to send your whiny pinko ass on a one-way trip to kenya.

Send me yours and I'll do the same for you. You seem to bitch about this country on a regular basis. You don't strike me as much of a patriot.

I can't see why you moan about anonymous comments. You allow them.

What's your name tough guy? Why do you hide behind a silly little name and a picture of a gun?

You talk tough from the comfort of your alias but I'll bet you're not so mouthy in person.

Enjoy your delusions, I'll bet they're about all you've got.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny-mouse squeaks... you talk tough from the comfort of your alias"

you crack me up, mr. anonymous.

and, btw... there's a big difference between anonymous & pseudonymous.

i have been here, every day for almost 3 years. i have provided you with an email address and these comments.

you and your little squirrels know exactly where to find me... and you do... DAILY.

where exactly do i find your cowardly, dishonest little know-nothing ass in the millions of other vexatious trolls?

and hey... please, please, please... tell me again about being tough.



Anonymous said...

I suppose spending hours a day maintaining a blog instead of working is somehow "noble" as opposed to "pathetic"?

Tell me this? Why are you afraid to post under your real name? Wife won't let you? Scared the neighbours might find out what a creep you are? What's the reason, Captain Transparency?

You've got the images of ammo and guns plastered across your pseudonym to show the world what a man you are, yet you don't have the balls to reveal yourself.

What's that? You can't answer? Didn't think so. Chicken shit.

Sure thing buddy, you're the man.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't wait until Nonny breaks out the hard-to-beat "my dad is tougher than your dad" gambit. I can only hope he keeps the protocol, and doesn't jump right to the "I am rubber, you are glue"....

Rural and Right said...

To follow 'nonnys' trollish deflection and spin from Neo's article ... I'd like to add that perhaps the police should go back to using pepper spray ... but then again people have died from being pepper sprayed.

What has this to do with Kenyatopia anyways? Do the Kenyan police use deadly weapons such as tazers ?

Yes 'nonny' I know, this makes me a racist and a bigot, don't it?

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny wails... spending hours a day maintaining a blog"

now, nonny... i can see how someone like yourself might imagine that doing more than one thing at a time is a herculean task... but, trust me, a half dozen blog entries per day... it can be done.

for all you know... i'm simply smarter and more capable than you can possibly imagine. for all you know, i'm the guy looking out the window at the td centre as you trundle by emptying garbage cans.

and providing obsessives like yourself (people who rabidly foam at my every utterance) with my personal data... yeah, that makes sense.

interesting though, isn't it... that all your comments these last couple of hours (hey... you got the day off?) are all about little ol' me... and nothing to do with the original post.

mirror, mirror bobby... mirror, mirror...


Anonymous said...

A different anon from the ones or one above. (check the IP?)

Anywho, found this British article:

Campbell Bridges, a renowned British gemstone mine owner, has been murdered in the Kenyan bush by a gang of illegal prospectors armed with machetes, spears and bows and arrows.


That link should add some extra background to your original blog post.

Neo Conservative said...

thx for the link... sounds like this has been an ongoing thing...

But despite a court last month confirming that his mining licence was valid and approving his prospecting rights, he had recently come up against powerful local figures who wanted him off his mine, Bruce Bridges said.

"We had been receiving death threats for quite a while, this whole thing has been going on for three years".

"We told the police all about it, but they didn't do anything, we're pretty sure they were being ordered to drag their heels by the higher-ups.

yup... kenya's definitely off the list.


C-mom said...

Nonny writes:

You've got the images of ammo and guns plastered across your pseudonym to show the world what a man you are.

Actually that's one of the things I like. I want one with pink grips, but a little smaller caliber that will fit in my purse or thigh holster. I guess that makes me the "Man".

Neo Conservative said...

it's funny... little bobby aka nonny-mouse, is continually equating firearms with a perception of toughness.

he just doesn't get it.

toughness, like integrity, is not the product of possession of an external object. it is a component of character... acquired over a period of time... usually through discipline and example.

a firearm is simply a useful tool... not a replacement for actual personal force and belief.