28 August 2009

Who knew?

The Toronto "Red" Star has stunning breaking news... apparently Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals... are now suddenly in favour of an elected, representative Senate.




robins111 said...

Nooo not really, why?

What a bunch of asses.

Anonymous said...

Harper should be commended by all liberals for retaining, nurturing and maintaining, senate appointments, the most sacred of liberal all rights.

Saskboys Homeboy

Alberta Girl said...

Ha Ha - guess there is more than one way to get what you want, huh!

The exploding brains of the Libs and their MSM cronies can be heard way out here in the boonies.

NorthWestTory said...

Watch them pass it off as their idea. Oh Really!

Rose said...

Read the thread on this topic at CBC, Liberals enmasse making fun of a man for learning to read as an adult. The left have finally taken off the mask, the hatred and scorn hurled at that man shows me the left really are pussed filled bags of hatred. They remind me of the KKK, puffed up men who think they are politically superior to the rest of us. Liberal Supremacism on the CBC, they always censor me.

I can hear libs heads exploding, after reading their hate fill posts I say good it shall save us the medical expenses of treating their extreme form of delusions of grandour.

Neo Conservative said...

i just don't understand how people can't see through all the fiberal bullshit.

stephen harper holds off making these appointments and busts his ass to get an elected, representative senate... and is stonewalled all the way down the line.

when he finally says 'screw it' and appoints people to prevent the libs from possibly stacking the deck yet again... they start screaming patronage.

typical leftwing hypocrisy.


James Higham said...

Why the turnabout?

Neo Conservative said...

james... no turnabout... just highlighting liberal hypocrisy with a little sarcasm.

they're screaming like this is the end of the world... a great crime... but if the conservative minority government was brought down, the first thing iggy would have done, bar none... is fill those very seats from the liberal donor roll.


James Higham said...

Ah, they're utilizing a platform ploy. Our lot are doing that too.

langmann said...

In an even more startling turn of events the MSM is suddenly behind Senate reform and ready to join the average Canadian in calling for an accountable body...


Neo Conservative said...

sadly... it only takes a second-rate talking head on the 11 o'clock news to herd the majority of the sheeple.

remember when 'critical' thinking wasn't perceived as a bad thing?