25 August 2009

Remember, after the twin towers fell...

...all that talk in the Islamic world... about respecting a strong horse?

-- "Moreover, if we as a society, voluntarily send these messages of impotence and self-defeat to our enemies, why on earth do we deserve any of our remaining freedoms?" --


Anonymous said...

OK...just for the fun of it:
I haven't checked the link yet...I'm guessing..Obama said that?



Anonymous said...

got it backwords(impulsive...sry)
..I interpreted it as one of his 'apology' statements.
My apologies to the writer.


Neo Conservative said...

just more (cough, cough) first world "bend over & grab your ankles" stuff.

and all this fuzzy-bunny yip-yap about repatriating poor little omar khadr... no wonder the jihadis think we're everybody's lunch.

all we're doing is encouraging them.


Philanthropist said...

George Bush got respect, Obama not so much and it's getting lower.