13 August 2009

Yet another CTV Moonbat Moment

Had to laugh out loud last night as Lisa Laflamme tried to blame the Conservative government for Toronto's CNE board decision to use part of a federal stimulus grant to pay serial philanderer and ex-U.S. president Bill Clinton to share his worldly wisdom with us northern rubes.

The kicker was the clip of infamous dipper loudmouth "Punchin'" Judy Wasalycia-Leis... attempting to link this nonsense with the dead Canadian bodies that will be littering the streets this fall, because Slick Willie... presumably through the personal intervention of his new bff Stephen Harper... got all the Tamiflu bucks.

Who, exactly... besides the rabid pinko faithful... is stupid enough to swallow this cant?


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"Canadian statistician and blogger Steve McIntyre, who has been asking for the data set for years, says he isn't impressed by the excuses."

"McIntyre obtained raw data when it was accidentally left on an FTP server last month."

"Since then, CRU has battened down the hatches, and purged its FTP directories lest any more raw data escapes and falls into the wrong hands."


robins111 said...

It's like watching someone juggle bags of liquid shit.

They have to crank PM Harper, without offending the democrats.

Personally I think they slipped and ended up with a bag in the face

Anonymous said...

Just drop a line to CTV and tell them - "no wonder their ratings are dropping" - with reports trying to blame everything in the world on our PM - they are the ones with "egg" on their faces!.... Graham Richardson was on this morning - saying - maybe when the Government have to cut "payments to the Provinces" - for health care, etc. they will look back and wonder if the money the "they" spent bringing Bill to Canada was all worth it!!!....blame them if it was their fault or not - Canadians are stupid enough to believe us!!! That liberal media know now, Iggy has nothing to offer, so they will push will all their efforts to do their part to trash the PM - if it is correct or not, trying to get their liberals back in power! If we don't drop a little note... they will never change... Pressure does help - it is the only thing that cause the liberal paper in NB to make an apology to our PM, even though Jane Tabor is trying to elect the Irving connected to power once again with her articles. I wonder if he was connected - family would never disclose family sources........

Anonymous said...

Funny...weren't these same critics blaming the Tories for interfering in how grants are given out when it comes to things like gay pride parades?

Seems they want to have it both ways...

Alberta Girl said...

If the exhibition had not gotten the money - imagine the uproar over how the CPC could not give money to an institution such as this!

Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

It was the same last week when the Edmonton Folk Fest was on and it came out they had not gotten money from the Marquis Grant - horrors of horrors.

Polls were done, newscasters expressed shock, editors opined about the nasty Tories shunning the province that elects them. The only non Tory in the province, Linda Duncan was interviewed over how this was so typical of Stephen Harper's government.

Of course, none of them told us that the Folk Fest got a Heritage Canada grant.

Slam the CPC is the name of the game.

Neo Conservative said...

they pull stupid shit like this... who does ctv imagine their target demographic actually is... 6 year-olds, ungulates... the green party?


Sammy said...

Ctv doesn't stand alone in the 'Moonbattery' Gemini award winning stupidity.All day yesterday,I listened to local (Wpg) cbc radio newscaster do the commentary on Fed Health Minister and the swine flu..with obligatory slams about 'not doing enough..blah blah' Only problem,she kept referring to LEONA Agluukak,as SUSAN AGLUKARK,the cbc hyped singer!!! No one corrected this,and at the 5:30 pm newscast,Leona was still Susan!If they can't even get the name right..how much else are they F'n up????

Neo Conservative said...

"sammy says... at the 5:30 pm newscast, Leona was still Susan!"

that's the essential essence of moonbattery... it's not about facts... it's about skewing the conversation.

remember when "critical thinking" used to be a good thing?



Sammy said...

Neo,just an update on the Leona/Susan fiasco.I called cbc Wpg,to point out this 'error'..and told them that if they have zero credibility with listeners if they can't bother to get a Fed.Minister's name correct.I also said,I knew they hated the Cons,and use every opportunity to 'slag' them..most interesting was the guy that took my call said they would 'correct' the error with the name thingy...but didn't deny or comment on me saying they hated the Cons Gov't.
CBC...your non-denial speaks volumes!

Neo Conservative said...

"sammy says... didn't deny or comment on me saying they hated the Cons Gov't"

wouldn't make any sense to do that... it's probably the very first item in any cbc employment contract.

it's like that "wullerton" thing on corner gas... every time anyone mentions "stephen harper", everybody in the room has to spit.


Unknown said...

Ah, but you see, Lisa is a well-known drunk and lush ...

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm... drugs or alcohol... that'd sure explain a few things...

"I was waiting for Oliver to try place the Prime Minister on the 'grassy knoll' outside the Texas Book Depository... but apparently cooler heads prevailed in the Editing Bay."