27 August 2009

Every once in a blue moon...

...the Big Karmic Ball takes a fortuitous bounce...

A woman kidnapped as an 11-year-old girl nearly two decades ago from outside her South Lake Tahoe home surfaced Wednesday when she and the couple now accused of snatching her walked into a Concord police station, authorities said today.
This is all the more miraculous, because it sounds like Phillip Craig Garrido, Jaycee Dugard's alleged abductor is every parent's worst nightmare.


UPDATE: Yup... a nightmare
A woman who was snatched from a bus stop as an 11-year-old child in 1991 turned up Thursday after being held for the past 18 years in isolation in a backyard compound by a convicted sex offender who fathered two children with her, police said.


robins111 said...

There is no pit in Hell deep enough for this puke.

Neo Conservative said...

i can't even begin to imagine what this young woman and her parents have gone through.

and i also can't wait for the lawyers to start jumping out of the woodwork to defend this crazy piece of shit kidnapper.

what a world.


James Higham said...

Why did they walk in and do that though? Did she kidnap them in turn?

Neo Conservative said...

well, james... it sounds as though this guy was crazier than a shithouse mouse... but who really cares why?

they got the evil bastard... now try him & (and with a guilty verdict, of course) fry him.


langmann said...

Reason number one to lock rapers up for life.

jacob watson said...

I say burn him