08 August 2009

But they looked like...

...such nice boys.

-- TORONTO -- For nearly three days over the long weekend, a 56-year-old woman lay helpless in her south Etobicoke apartment, badly beaten and unable to scream for help because her throat was deeply cut, allegedly in an attempted decapitation.

The men allegedly tried to cut the woman's head off and attempted to set fire to the scene before fleeing.

"Pathetic police response. There seems to be no problem in guarding parades and folk festivals."
Well, i guess like any other workplace... there's gonna be the odd dickhead...
A Toronto constable goes to court next month charged with assault and dangerous driving following a probe by the Special Investigations Unit, the police watchdog, into a crash in the city's east end in March.

Const. Ricardo Gomez, currently of 12 Division, is to appear in Old City Hall court on Sept. 12 after being served yesterday by SIU investigators.


Lycan Stark said...

Undoubtedly the cause of "roots causes".

langmann said...

From the article: By Sunday night she was convinced something was amiss, so she called police and insisted they kick down her neighbour's door.

But Hasse claims police only agreed to do so on Monday when she said she would take responsibility for the damage.

Fantastic police work... couldn't phone the building manager. She's lucky her neighbour is so vigilant.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... She's lucky her neighbour is so vigilant."

back in the day, this is what used to happen... neighbours would look out for each other.

but you're right... the cops misplayed this one... badly.


fernstalbert said...

Pathetic police response. There seems to be no problem in guarding parades and folk festivals. This would have required someone to take responsibility at an official level. No wonder citizens have little regard for the police - you report a suspicious circumstances and they blow you off. Fern StAlbert

Neo Conservative said...

it's important to keep in mind... the police aren't really there to prevent and protect you from all possible harm.

they simply respond to reports of malfeasance and clean up after the fact... and sometimes do that rather shoddily.

you are the one ultimately responsible for your own well-being.


Rural and Right said...

"you are the one ultimately responsible for your own well-being."

Thus the "No Tresspassing" and "Beware of Owner" signs at my gate ...

Anonymous said...

The Charter Of Rights forces the Police to wait until the actual crime is done, just look at the 3 Jihadist terror cells caught in canada .
CAIR canada screamed racial-profiling and Islamophobia only for the Muslim Terrorists who were Harmless Kids misunderstood by the RCMP.

Neo Conservative said...

it's funny though... every once in a while... even the most ardent pinko gets schooled by the real world.