17 August 2009

Religious Traffic Sign



caz said...

I'm sure there will be folks who will be offended with this but I love it!

Neo Conservative said...

i remember when we got our handheld garmin gps... i went out and got a dash mount for the truck.

unfortunately, with the tiny 2 inch screen, i was constantly leaning forward to sneak a peek.

after a few instances of veering off to the side of the road while scoping out our global position... mrs neo prohibited the use of the mount.


robins111 said...

Thanks Neo, you've made my day

Enkidu said...

It is most certainly NOT a religious sign, it is a crude secular sign that is deliberately offensive towards Christianity.

Being apostate myself for lo these many years, I am not personally offended, but I recognize the offense that was intended.

Neo Conservative said...

"enkidu says... it is a crude secular sign that is deliberately offensive"

hmmm... this picture hits the blogosphere, you think maybe christians all around the world are gonna riot and burn stuff down?

and apostate... really? you see yourself as abandoning your religion?

maybe you're more of a believer than you think.