25 August 2009

McDreamy Administration...

...considering options... "time out" and a "stern talking to" reportedly still on the table...

"The celebration of his return was extremely disturbing, and we have made it quite clear to the Libyan government - both publicly and privately - that we're going to be watching very closely how they receive this man."
Of course... not everyone is as critical as myself.


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LAST WORD: Celestial P2P
"The announcement came before the annual GodCon trade show in Las Vegas, where Obama gave a product demo of the iGod health care rationing device, the first of what he said would be "many development projects" between US Government and God."

"He encouraged independent God developers to support the closed-source iGod / iGov health care platform, warning that 'woe be unto the unlicensed app developer, for he shall be smote by a vengeful hail of ACORNs'."


Philanthropist said...

The Libyans must be shaking in their boots....... or laughing...

Rich said...

Here is part of a news article covering what Gadaffi is saying after the release of the bomber and his tumultuous welcome home.
"The Colonel himself showed no signs of contrition yesterday. Gaddafi, indeed, made it known through press agency Jana, that the West still has "a policy of double measures resulting from its arrogance and disdain it has for other nations and their public opinion". It is a policy "that generates the terrorism which they now suffer (referring to those countries protesting over al Megrahìs reception). Terrorism is a phenomenon with a double cause and it finds its justification in these policies". These stone-hard words were justified by Gaddafi by recollections of the case of the Bulgarian nurses who were found guilty in Libya of having inoculated 400 babies with the HIV virus before being handed over to Bulgaria and welcomed in their home country as well as at the European Parliament with "a standing ovation, as if they were heros".
Why in the world would any country deal with psycopathic mutts like this?

Anonymous said...

"Why in the world would any country deal with psycopathic mutts like this?"

When will the Media ask why Paul Martin met with Gadaffi in one of his lasst acts as PM?