25 August 2009

Alright... the journalistic arm of the...

...Liberal Party of Canada... announces this fall's election wedge issue.



robins111 said...

Neo, do you share the opion that I have that the largest part of the Liberal party could be replaced by garden gnomes and nobody would notice.

Anonymous said...

If the Supreme Court rules against Mr. Harper's government I think he should immediately apply The Not Withstanding Clause, and let the election begin.

Rob C

Rose said...

The libs will hitch their horse to any cause, their moral compass has been missing for decades. Of course they want little Khadr freed, but the court of public opinion doesn't want him set free. Honestly the Modern Left is a day late and a dollar short on what the public thinks.

Harper should do an end run around the left, enact legislation that basically states if a Canadian is caught fighting a war or battle in a foreign country they become the enemy of Canada and are no longer afforded Chartered Rights and are at the mercy of the Government of said country. Then send Khadr back to Afghanistan to face judgement.

To many Somalis are turning up in Africa fighting for terrorists it's only a matter of time until the left find one of these unholy warriors to use as a political tool.

Anonymous said...

For those that are responsibility challenged; what year was Omar arrested and who was in power then?

Christian Conservative said...

Oh PLEASE let this be the "wedge" issue the Liberals choose to harp on... we'll wipe the floor with them.

The Liberals spending so much time caring about the well-being of a terrorist, when tens of thousands of people are out of work? Me thinks the public won't buy that.

wilson said...

This Government is simply following through on what the previous government started.

Those mean evil nasty Liberals were in power for Khadr, Arar, and Sampson.
One of these is different...

They were also in charge when the good Granny came to Canada, and never left.

As usual, and it's a dirty job, Conservatives will have to clean up after the Liberals.

Marie said...

Strange - Ignatieff claims to be a bon vivant citizen of the world who understands "foreign affairs" and "covered wars".

Yet, he dumbly calls Khadr a "child soldier"??? Despite the fact that according to ALL rules of war this teenage terrorist was not in any army and is in no way a "soldier" - child or not.

Ne4xt Ignatieff will be pleading that young members of street gangs here in Canada who commit murder and mayhem because they have been brainwashed into thinking that is okay are simply "child soldiers" and need our understanding and to set them free into society.

Neo Conservative said...

well, the fact is... president mcdreamy could spring poor little omar any time he chose.

but curiously, there o.k. sits... dreaming of the day he'll join the rest of the khadr klan in the scarborough welfare heaven taxpayers have so generously provided.

c'mon iggy... cowboy up.


Calgary Junkie said...

Like I posted over at Maclean's the thumbs up/thumbs down votes over at CTV are running about 2 to 1 in Harper's favor.

So the Libs political calculations here are a bit of a mystery. The only thing that makes sense, is that they are going to lump Khadr in with an overall narrative of: "Harper is heartless, especially when it comes to the wrong kind of Canadians, in trouble in foreign lands, yadda yadda".

But the pollsters I've heard unanimously say that people have ALREADY formed their impressions of Harper. I mean geez, the guy's BEEN PM for over 3 1/2 years ! Voters have taken their measure of the man by now.

So any "arguments" Libs put forward on what Harper is like, aren't going to move the needle much, if at all. It's not an efficient use of their time. As others have noted, the economy is top of mind for voters, so that's where the Libs should be advocating stuff.

L said...

Great - if the Fibs want to hold an election on 360 EI, and being mean to terrorists, it will be wonderful!!

langmann said...

I cannot believe how traitors are tolerated in this country.

Anyhow, fine, he's a child soldier. Let him go on one condition, Momma Khadr gets charged with reckless endangerment of a minor and conspiracy to commit murder.

Because someone is guilty here.

Philanthropist said...

Send him to Afghanistan for a trial, that is where he killed and terrorized people.

DaveT said...

I think pmsh should drop the appeal and put this to parlaiment as a confidence motion.

If Iggy brings the government down over this little cockroach it'll hang around his neck during am election like an anchor from the Titanic.

If he caves in and supports the government the dippers and bloc will further erode the strategic liberal position by stealing votes, weakening the lieberals further.

Win-win I'd say.

Rich said...

If the libs try to make this a 'wedge issue', they may find it turns into a 'wedgie issue' for them.

Martin said...

Khadr could have had his day in court years ago, except for the actions of his appointed lawyers.

If he is a child soldier, he was even more of one when Chretien, Martin and Cotler were in charge of the file.
I cannot see him being tried for anything in Canada. If not guilty of any crime he would have to be released back to the family compound.
I cannot see the Commander-in Chief of US forces releasing an alleged killer of a US Medic under those conditions. He has been judged guilty of Sgt. Speer's death by a Utah civil court. The evidence rules are less difficult in civil actions, but there must be some evidence against him.