27 August 2009

Gotta go where the votes are, right?

"The announcement hasn't officially been made but there's no point in hedging on this," May told the New Glasgow News.

"I have to leave Nova Scotia for the next election campaign."
Oh... please, please, please... let it be Beirut.



Brett said...

Did you have to put that face on that body....now I feel extremely ill.

Anonymous said...

Why Beirut?

hunter said...

Okay that picture is very funny, in a very disturbing way.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon asks... Why Beirut?"

well, that way... lizzie could cozy up to her target demographic... hezbollah supporters.


Anonymous said...

Aah once again Elizabeth M ay exhibits "moth like" behavior she is going after another cabinet minister, she will be batting her brains out on another "bright light" sad but really, really funny at the same time. Must suck to be in the Green Party and see "herself" suck all the light out of the universe.
Cheers Bubba

Blame Crash said...

It seems like it was just yesterday that she was blathering on about how she didn't want to go "out west" with all the distain she could muster.

It was like we all had cooties or something.

Neo Conservative said...

surely there's some brain-dead hippy freak enclave lookin' for a she-messiah to lead them to the promised land of milk, honey & cultural equality.

a land without guns, or harsh words... where candy-coloured unicorns pee green tea and shit low fat carrot muffins.

ah, well... i can dream.


langmann said...

She talks about grass roots and constituency values yet she acts like the biggest opportunist yet.