26 August 2009

Man... who'da thunk it?

Place full'a geriatric stoners boltin' shit onna trucks... realises lifelong dream...

Gray said that Oshawa generated 14,000 votes for a Kiss show, whereas Toronto only lodged about 5,000.

"We won fair and square," said Gray. "We had motivated citizens who really want to see a Kiss concert come to Oshawa, and it now appears we're going to have that concert after all."
T-shirt/head shops... now reportedly Oshawa's second largest industry... are said to be in an ordering frenzy.



C.Mom said...

My Hubby went to go see Kiss while at the Blues Fest in July, said it was pretty good, even if Tweedy was there too.

Neo Conservative said...

as evidenced by the motor city's maniacal fervour... there are obviously plenty of kiss fans out there.

i'm afraid i'm more of a crosby, stills, nash kinda guy, myself.


syncrodox said...


I did have tickets to ZZ Top here in Calgary until that skinny prick Stephen Tyler got pissed and fell off the stage in Strugis S.D.

On the upside it only took me four trips to Ticketmaster to get my five bills refunded.


Neo Conservative said...

retro rock shows are apparently big biz these days.

trouble is, in a lot of cases, you get, say... one doobie brother and a bunch of ringers.

i guess the 60's & 70's took a toll.