22 August 2009

Who knew?

Poland... land of conscienceless killers...


Anonymous said...

If this woman tried to play games with our laws and lost tough nougies. I wonder how much sympathy the average Canadian would get in Poland in the same circumstances.
We had the spectacle this summer of thousands of Tamil Refugees shutting down Toronto every time they felt like it.
I am now retired, worked since I was 16, most years paid maximum in Canadas pension plan, I get barely 600. a month cause I left work early (60). You lose 18%. O. K. I am not looking for either sympathy or a handout. I will look after myself. I understand that a "refugee" gets 1800+ and an additional 400 just for asking plus of course the fees for a Lawyer the cost of a claim going through the system medical, dental etc.
I have never been able to verify the amount that is given to refugees, perhaps one of your readers can help me with that.Perhaps I should leave the Country with a group of seniors and before we land in Canada again we could destroy our passports and claim "refugee status" Maybe Jack and Olivia can help me out with this. I am deaf (too many years in mills and boilers). We will be "model refugees" and promise not to hold up traffic waving around the flag of a bunch of murdering criminals, we will also promise to vote Liberal. Think we got a shot at the money here? be nice to us if you stress us out and we will sue for a few million.
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

A sad case all around, but I didn't really like this part:

Magdziak arrived in Canada in 1998 as a visitor and never left. She blamed an unscrupulous immigration consultant for making her file a failed refugee claim.

"Polish community activist Ben Gondek said life for her in Poland will be hard because of her disability...He had to break the news to Magdziak and her family, who speak little English."

Ten years here and the family barely speaks enough English to get by. And they get to stay?

Talk about value added to Canada, eh?

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... Ten years here and the family barely speaks enough English to get by. And they get to stay?"

well, james... looks like you're not the only person who's a little fried about this sort of thing.