10 August 2009

Canada spends more per capita...

...on doughnuts than America — and, given comparative girths, Canucks are clearly not getting as much bang for the buck. Why doesn’t Ottawa introduce a National Doughnut Licensing Agency?

You’d still see your general dispenser for simple procedures like a lightly sugared cruller, but he’d refer you to a specialist if you needed, say, a maple-frosted custard — and it would only be a six-month wait, at the end of which you’d receive a stale cinnamon roll.

Under government regulation, eventually every doughnut would be all hole and no doughnut, and the problem would be solved.

Even if the hole costs $1.6 trillion.


Sandmonkey said...

Your link may lead the reader to Steyn's excellent article, however, one gets the impression that you wrote what is posted at your blog. Given that you regularly post in italics, it's a reasonable assumption.

You should be clearer in your style when it comes to quoting other people's work.

Neo Conservative said...

"sandmonkey hoots and ooh oohs... one gets the impression that you wrote what is posted at your blog."

no monkeyboy... that would be just you. maybe you should read slower.

when i quote people i italicise... when it's me, i leave the text plain.


jwkozak91 said...

I don't know if you realize or appreciate who "Sandmonkey" is, Neo.

"Sandmonkey" is an Egyptian blogger who supports the liberation of Iraq, the existence of the state of Israel, the human rights of Christians in Egypt - and freedom of speech in Egypt, for which he was put in a hell-hole prison for a year. He is against terrorism - including al-Qaida, Egyptian Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian groups.

Neo Conservative said...

"jwkozak91 says... I says... realize or appreciate who "Sandmonkey" is"

sorry, my friend... personal history aside, sandmonkey still has to make some sort of sense when he comments here.

it's like all the dumbsticks who give bill clinton a pass for diddling monica lewinsky with a cigar... because, you know... he was the president.

fwiw... in the almost three years i've been doing this, no one has ever confused my writing with that of someone i've quoted.

i go out of my way to italicise other people's words... and always, always provide a link.

sandmonkey... whoever he is... got this one wrong.