14 August 2009

Okay, rest of Canada...

...you run into Quebec at a party, don't go anywhere near that whole "kicked your ass" thing... apparently they're still a little sensitive...

The display of an 18th century French coat of arms at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa is insulting, and the artifact should be returned to Quebec City, says a French Canadian heritage group.

It hangs on a gate similar to the one where it would have been mounted in Quebec City before it was taken by British soldiers in 1759, following their defeat of the French on the Plains of Abraham.

"When we lived in Ottawa, one of our neighbours and still good friend was a artisan (I say that because he paints, sculpts, does just about everything) who worked for the Dept. of Public Works. He's the guy who painted the graphics on the side of the confederation train in 1967."

"Anyway, the Canadian government had a beautiful model of Quebec City done in 17xx something that the Quebec government wanted back. So the Canadian government commissions Joe to make a replica of the model and he does such a good job that when the Quebec guys came to pick up the original they couldn't tell the difference and still don't know today if they took the wrong one home."

"I believe that it is the original that is on display in the Museum of Civilization and the copy is in Quebec City."


treb said...

SHHHHH,dont mention that war and it will go away.Poor Quebecers have to suffer from history repeating itself,year after year after year.Everyone in the world is asking about the humiliating defeat of the french by the English.Its front page headlines across their little Quebec minds.

Anonymous said...

With the bullsh1t that quebec feeds the rest of Canada and the special treatment it gets I often wonder who won the battle.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

They have such tiny little fragile ego's, does anyone anywhere else really care about the Plains of Abraham? Perhaps Winston Spencer Churchill was right when asked why the French did not put up a determined fight against the invading Germans said " They were too attached to their mistresses, their soup, and their little properties, a nation of effete capitulators" I guess the apple did not fall very far from the tree.
cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

Sure, as long as the French (and I take it these French CANADIANS believe they speak for the nation of France) return all their war loot.

Wait a minute...they probably wouldn't need a U-haul. You could probably fit it all into the back of a Citroen...

Neo Conservative said...

laws to force people to use their language... constant whining about their unfair subjugation... and demands that the rest of the country pay for it... i say we change the name of the province to lilliput.


Anonymous said...

Just tell em it's a "souvenir".

Blame Crash said...

Is it really "Quebecers"?

Sounds more like the pitiful petit peckered PQ's supremacists to me.

Blaming them all doesn't fly with me

KURSK said...

Getting back the symbols of vanquished foes from the conquering nation is highly unlikely.The Americans will never give back the standard that flew over York when it was sacked in the war of 1812.The Russians are never going to give back battle standards captured in Berlin in 1945, some dating back to the 1600's..and lastly, the Canadians are never going to give back the guns on display at the war museum, captured at Vimy ridge.

The hardliners in Quebec are so petty, they have to include the phrase 'I remember' on their license plates to help perpetuate the indignity and humiliation in France's loss of control of the continent.

It is convenient to remember their French heritage when it comes to matters of autonomy, but never ask them to defend their historical 'motherland', as Canada has done twice.

'Why should we get involved!', they whined..'It's not our problem, on a continent far away, involving imperial powers that we have nothing to do with.We are but poor Quebecois trying to maintain our own identity..'

Anonymous said...

It is called war booty and has been going on since the beginning of time, you know that 'to the victor goes the spoils' thing.

But not to worry because from 1759 until today Quebec has been taking (money) from the rest of Canada.I have to ask though, who got the better deal here?

ian said...

The other is in the Museum of Civilization in Quebec City.
Seems a bit greedy to me, couldn't they just run a bus service over to the other museum or maybe take turns hosting it, or make a copy, or quit whining!

Neo Conservative said...

"bubba says... "They were too attached to their mistresses, their soup, and their little properties, a nation of effete capitulators."

put that on a t-shirt with a fleur-de-lis, or a picture of saint pierre... you'd sell a million of them.


Anonymous said...

Thank you "neo-conservative" I am a refugee from "blue like You" now I will have to design a flag and apply for status and 3 times what I am getting from my Canada pension. there is more! vis-a-vis the French, a lot more, but an ex-minister of the real French Government, after their occupation by the Germans said,... the Republic has often feared the dictatorship of conquering Generals, it never dreamed ot ht dictatorship of defeated ones" as the British say "Aah the French".
Cheers Bubba

dupmar said...

Have a good chuckle, guys, but at least Quebecers understood that their "homeland" lies on this side of the Atlantic. Canadian nationalists, as opposed to British imperialists, were likewise to be found in Quebec at the time of the Boer War.

Or do you believe they were mistaken, and we had some vested interest in the struggle between British and Dutch settlers for control of South Africa.