20 August 2009

How does that song go?

"The lead-painted children's toys... are our future..."

-- BEIJING -- More than 1,300 children have been sickened in a lead poisoning case in China’s central Hunan province, the second such case involving a large number of children in the past month, state media said Thursday.

The official Xinhua News Agency said 1,354 children who lived near a manganese processing plant in Wenping township were diagnosed as having excessive lead in their blood.
Hmmm... that sounds so familiar.



Philanthropist said...

We need even stricter labelling standards. Almost all apple juice is apparently derived from China - what would the Chinese consider an 'apple'?

Neo Conservative said...

"philanthropist asks... what would the Chinese consider an 'apple'?"

well, phil... more to the point... what are the pertinent chinese regulations regarding cultivation & pesticides... and how strictly is the manufacturing process monitored...

"I got about half way through it and decided to look at what was in Dole '100% Juice'. I figured it was from concentrate and I wasn't wrong, but I did get a surprise."

"Concentrate from ten different countries? Holy crap."

"Looking at that list, I probably wouldn't even drink the water from seven out of the ten."

scary stuff.


Anonymous said...

Brought to us by the people who handle the mercury for our wonderful "GREEN" lightbulbs.

but I'm sure they're handling it with care ......

Frances said...

I remember the 'scandal' in the US when it was revealed that a prime supplier of apple juice to a baby food manufacturer (high end, if memory serves) was shown to be manufacturing same. Apparently apple juice is essentically indistinguishable from a mixture of water, sugar, and vitamin C.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... apple juice is essentically indistinguishable from a mixture of water, sugar, and vitamin C"

except, of course, when it's laced with heavy metals or melamine or somesuch.

buy local whenever possible... it's a win-win.