16 August 2009

Same old, same old

Well... as long as they got around to the important stuff... like legalising dope.


BDFT said...

I wonder if the NDP boffins know that "DP" used to be a racial slur that referred to "displaced persons". Refugees from the Ukraine, Hungary etc., escaping the Russians after WW2. I grew up with old guys that would refer to you as a "F--in DP" if you did something stupid.

Neo Conservative said...

you could write a book about what the ndp aren't aware of... or willing to acknowledge.

i just wanna read some of the graffiti on their gender-neutral washroom.


AEK said...

Why didn't they debate a resolution calling for the possibility of an NDP-Liberal-Bloc Quebecois coalition?

Is that possibility, first concocted by Jack Layton during the 2008 election now off the table, or under the carpet?

Neo Conservative said...

i heard they were also supposed to be debating a merger with lizzie may and the greenies.

maybe jacko was feeling a little insecure and called the whole thing off.


Exiled Maritimer said...

Awww BDFT, you let the cat out of the bag. Actually displaced persons is not a bad description although I was leaning toward demented. It makes up for the loss of the No Damn Profit nameplate
Anyone out there with another title?

Pissedoff said...

Deluded Pissants