31 August 2009

Raging leftosphere strangely silent...

...as racist accusations hit Toronto newspaper...

"We never stop to look at the vast majority of our youth that have handguns in their hand," she told a small crowd at Saturday's rally.

The rally was sponsored by the Black Action Defence Committee and aimed at crime in the black community.

"There are a lot of people in the black community who would rather get a gun than a job," said committee director Dudley Laws.
Hellloooo... anybody out there?

Dawg? CC? Red? Stooge? Anybody?



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The CBC's French-language wing, Radio-Canada, will have to apologize for the offensive sketches on its traditional New Year's Eve special that included an interview with a comedian suggesting Barack Obama would be easy to assassinate because the first black U.S. president would stand out against the White House.
Again... not a peep.

Seems like the outrage is a little selective... over on the snarky side of the fence.



Neo Conservative said...

of course... this is the same dudley laws who disagrees with tougher sentencing for violent thugs within "the community"... and who also said...

"What we want is for the prime minister and his cabinet to empower and give the community the capacity to make the immediate and intense intervention that is required to deal with our young people."

uh, dud... that's called "parenting".


JA Goneaux said...

Well, it fits in well with the Native "healing circles", I guess.

Soon, we'll have individual laws and sentencing for every individual. There will be a legal bureaucracy that will have a database of every single disadvantage you've every had. I hear the "red headed stepchild" file is quite large...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... we'll have individual laws and sentencing for every individual"

yup... does seem that we're heading down that particular slippery slope.

think i gotta get me some of that guv'mint... "empowerment & capacity"... before it's all gone... and my kid somehow turns into a homicidal thug.

"oh, dalton..."


Anonymous said...

Duh - how can a group be pro-thug, anti-cop AND anti-handgun? No wonder the turn-out was low.

Rose said...

It's easy for the race baters and the perpetually race offended to pontificate racism this racism that but they never lower their standards by living in the ghettos or racial enclaves that they are so proud of creating why is that?

Anonymous said...

Why would people turn out to hear the same old tired argument that if nobody had guns the criminals would not see this as opportunity but would give up and go away?

Give every Canadian the right to own and carry a gun along with the right to defense of life and property and gun crimes would plummet.

The left are incapable of understanding cause and effect.

Anonymous said...

To the other anonymous

"Give every Canadian the right to own and carry a gun along with the right to defense of life and property and gun crimes would plummet."

NO NO NO. You are American in your views and can't spell. Move there.

Anonymous said...

This is the third (or fourth) anonymous.

I agree with the first (or second) anonymous.

Second (or third) anonymous, you are an irrational brainwashed Canadian.

Criminals will always be able to get guns. Why deny citizens the right to self defense, or participation in shooting sports. Why deny the liberty of 30 million Canadians because of the crimes committed by a few hundred sociopaths?

P.S. I have lived in Toronto my whole life.

Anonymously yours.

Neo Conservative said...

well... handguns have been restricted in canada since the dirty thirties (yup... over 75 years)... and only a hardcore pinko believes that taking rifles off duck hunters & target shooters is gonna affect the local thugs and drug runners.

not exactly sure where dudley & company fit into this big picture.


mahmood said...

Had that been a white Christian dude in either scenario(preferably from Alberta cuz that's their favorite target)the DawgHouse would have exploded, The Cesspool imploded and ze Bunker bloviated to bits...and ol'Red?, why he'd pull out his thesaurus and thesaurus his horrid site until the cows came home three times...maybe a good thing it wasn't a white guy, I don't think 911 could handle all 4 disasters at once.