12 August 2009

In the gun world...

...they use what is termed "recoil index" to measure what kind of kick to expect out of a gun.

A 30-06 has a rating of 1.0, which for many people is about the limit of what they can shoot multiple rounds thru comfortably.

A 243 BR is rated at about 0.4, a 270 is about a 0.8, etc.

The 600 Nitro Express is rated at 9.4.

9.4 times more punishing power than a 30-06.

Now watch the video.

"The best is yet to come. There is a .700 Nitro Express!"


Rural and Right said...

WOW!!! thats one hell of a kick!
I think the most kick I ever felt from a firearm was a WW2 Aussie bush gun that I was test firing at a gravel pit with a collector friend of mine ... and of course he is a violent psychopathic criminal because he is a collector of antique firearms. You know those blasted firearm collectors battling it out in the streets with other rival firarm collectors.

Neo Conservative said...

well, i'm a firearms enthusiast and i've fired a 30-06... and, trust me, you do not wanna ramp that up by a power of ten.

i had a friend who stupidly held a pistol grip 12 gauge up in front of his face so he could use the sights.

i forget what he told the doc at the e.r. who stitched up his face, but, believe me, he only ever did that once.


Anonymous said...

The best is yet to come. There is a (drumroll) .700 Nitro Express!

The projectiles weigh so much that as the bullet is spiraling down the rifling of the barrel it creates such an irresistable counter-torque that it can actually wrench the rifle out of a man's hands. AND THAT's not even the recoil!

BDFT said...

You never feel the recoil when it comes down to business. When a Cape Buffalo or a lion comes at you out of the long grass you can probably shoot that thing like a 22.

Anonymous said...

i forget what he told the doc at the e.r.

Why couldn't he tell him the truth?

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny asks... Why couldn't he tell him the truth?"

i guess he felt a little foolish displaying his utter lack of knowledge of physics... you know... equal & opposite reaction.

perhaps less embarrassing to say he walked into a door?