29 August 2009

A cool, sodden day...

..here at "the Halls"... perfect for yet another round of tearing stuff apart & hopefully... fixing it.

In today's episode, with the help of a friend, a sh@tload of optimism and a case of beer... I attempt to remove the blower cage and motor from the backup electric furnace that powers the air-exchanger... that allows our woodstove to warm our butts.

It seems the blower unit itself is sliding on the central shaft and making contact with the enclosure. I tried tightening everything down once and that worked for a few days... but it's time to really sort this out.

As always, there will most assuredly be a certain amount of profanity, twisted metal and high-velocity blood spatter. I, in no way, advocate that anyone else attempt something like this.

Okay, I'm goin' in.

Whoa... 220 volts.

Step 1... make sure juice to furnace is turned off at main panel...



syncrodox said...

New motor and blower Neo...all glowball warming aside...we are north of the 49th.


Neo Conservative said...

well... at minimum... i'll save the whatever per hour by taking it out myself and running it down to the hvac place.

furnace probably came with the house, which is 20 years old... we've gotten our money out of it.


alexb said...

It's the amps not the voltage that will ruin your day.
15 amps @ i20 is the same kick as 15 @600.
Don't ask how i know this.

Neo Conservative said...

"alexb says... it's the amps not the voltage"

yup... house-wiring is just about the only useful thing (well, the only thing i'll admit to publicly) i learned in high school.

i've taken jolts of 110 about a hundred times... no big deal... but those thicker 220 cables are kind of a warning sign, aren't they.

sorta the industrial equivalent of a rattle on a snake.