13 August 2009

Horrible, uncaring...

junkie-overdose.png...systemically racist cops... once again fail to support Recreational-Pharmaceutical Community... benevolent Columbian suppliers appalled.



Neo Conservative said...

[full text follows]

Tainted cocaine makes dozens ill in B.C.
CBC News

Dozens of drug users in B.C. have been hospitalized since December because of tainted cocaine being sold on the streets, health officials say.

Tests show the cocaine is being cut with Levamisole, a drug used to de-worm livestock. The drug has also served to treat colon cancer but is no longer used on humans because of side-effects.

The drug has been detected in cocaine around the world for several years, but did not start showing up in cocaine in B.C. until December. Since then 27 people in different parts of the province have become extremely sick.

Dr. Jane Buxton of the B.C. Centre for Disease Control said the Levamisole lowers white blood cell counts and weakens the immune system of those who ingest it.

"The people who react to the Levamisole with the low white cell counts can get very serious infections.… That can be life-threatening," she said.

The tainted cocaine has been linked to deaths in other jurisdictions, though none in B.C., Buxton said, but she warns that anyone suffering from a fever after using cocaine should see a doctor.

"They've all been hospitalized and have to have certain medications and antibiotics, and the condition can occur very quickly. So one of the messages is for people who develop severe infections or fever — they should actually seek medical attention."

The cocaine is likely being bulked up in Colombia with the Levamisole, which users say looks and feels the same, before it's shipped to North America, where most of it ends up in crack, said Buxton.

Ann Livingston, with the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, said the risk to drug users could be reduced if police automatically publicized test results stemming from drug seizures.

"The drugs have to be analyzed to make sure they are illegal drugs, so they have their own surveillance system, but have failed to share that in a more community-minded way," said Livingston.


Kai said...

Too bad it didn't kill them, just hospitalized them

Neo Conservative said...

far be it from me to wish ill on these self-tormented individuals... but, if you really care to know how close the whole system is to overload and collapse, have a word with any healthcare professional you encounter.

it's a scary situation.

so how about... instead of throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at people who choose to inject poison into their veins... we focus meagre resources on folks who have contributed to society all their lives and who actually care about whether they live or die?

it'd be a place to start.


C-mom said...

Cocaine can be bad for you? Cocaine can actually make you sick from adverse reactions to the stuff they make it with?
Cocaine could result in hospitalization? You might need medication and a bed?

Wow, who knew?

As an aside they are "studying" the feasibility and need for a "safe injection site here in good old Ottawa. The objective group hired to the the study has already stated that Vancouver is a huge success and sees no problems in implementing the program elsewhere. What the hey it's just a natural progression from the free crack pipe, needle hand out we got going that attracts the very highest caliber of vermin to our nations capital. Charming.

Still waiting for action on those rehab beds Dalton announced (at least three times he announced)that he would be funding last election.

Neo Conservative said...

c-mom says... has already stated that Vancouver is a huge success and sees no problems in implementing the program elsewhere"

yup... the social worker theory of life... build it and they will come.

take a walk through east van and tell me, with a straight face, that it's a big success.

what's next... hooker coupons for so-called sex addicts?