10 August 2009

You be the Judge

Is he a devil......or an angel...Spin, spin, spin.


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"This is not the fault of the government of Mexico. Let me be very clear about this. This is a problem with Canadian refugee law, which encourages bogus claims," said Mr. Harper.

"And Parliament should be seized with this issue, and I hope our Parliament will take advantage of the attention that's been brought on this issue to deal with this problem."


robins111 said...


I see the maggots at the mop & pail are at it again.

It's no wonder that that vomitous rag is going broke, I wouldn't use their paper to line a bird cage.

Neo Conservative said...

the sad fact is, these guys are primarily in the business of selling newspapers... informing people is a distant second place.


Alberta Girl said...

I see that the MSM is still in the business of concocting fairytales about Stephen Harper. Didn't they learn ANYTHING from wafergate!!! lol

Anonymous said...

I could give a rats a$$ how the MSM spin this situation or the other country is "offended" or tourism is affected,the fact is Canada was being screwed by bogus refugees from a democratic country. Mr Harper and his government put a stop to it.JOB WELL DONE
Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

well, it looks as though iggy is stalling... he's gonna need that extra little media push to get back on track.

my guess is... they're gonna start to furiously ramp it up very shortly.

and don't scoff now... it worked for president mcdreamy.


robins111 said...

I think that iggy is hoping for a blitz that will take him into an election win.

But the truth is, he has to have substance and idea's for this to work.

To this date, all Canadians have seen is his incessent whining about PM Harper.

The Lie-berals can call that an election campaign if they want, but it'll fall 'FLAT ON IT'S FACE, IN THE REAL WORLD'.

and mcdreamy & company is quickly being rendered down into lard they really are in to US.

The teabaggers are cranking them worse than Rush Limbaugh ever did, and the world laughs