15 August 2009

Tonight's CTV Moonbat Moment

I'm beginning to see why Steve Paikin wanted to fly solo.

Paula Todd has moved over to CTV and on tonight's episode of W5, is crying a river in support of compulsive degenerate gamblers.

Apparently, according to Paula & CTV... it's the government's responsibility to keep these irresponsible dumbsticks out of racetracks and casinos. There's even some dufus who put himself on an exclusion list and successfully sued the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Commission for not saving him... from himself.

Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

I truly fear for my country.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Speaking of Moonbattery...

"They have a gender-neutral washroom for those that don’t feel comfortable using a gender-specific one. This was announced by their anti-harassment committee co-chairs."


Sammy said...

Paula Todd is a cheap,phony Nancy Grace wannabe...only ten times worse! How could you even watch that trash Neo..I hope you had a good stiff drink to clear your head of the image.BTW,thanks for the warning,so I can totally avoid watching.

Sammy said...

And...speaking of moonbats..just read at Stephen Taylor's blog,that the dippers have a 'gender-neutral' washroom for those that feel uncomfortable using a 'gender-specific' can,at their Convention!WHO the HELL votes for these fools???

Neo Conservative said...

well, sammy... out here at "the halls"... we're on peasant-vision... cable tv doesn't come out this way and i'll be damned if i'll pay 60 bucks a month for satellite.

btw... part two was on the gta's "gang problem"... i'm sure paula explored all the facets of gang culture from 'a' to, well... 'b'... in her simpering ultra-socialistic, bottom-feeding fashion.

turned it off before i started to really gag.

the afternoon wasn't a total write-off... i changed the tube & tire on neophyte's bike... something i probably haven't done since i was a teenager.

it was a two beer operation.


Sammy said...

I hear 'ya Neo..as I'm also a 'boonie-dweller' with no cable..but,I'll be damned if I was gonna be stuck with cbc farmervision. We got a sat dish,and let me tell you Neo,one episode of O'Reilly Factor,Glenn Beck,Hannity,Huckabee or Greta van Susteren,is worth paying for 5 yrs of cbc/ctv slop! I rarely,if ever watch Can.news channels anymore,and boy do I feel better..off all my Meds!!!!

langmann said...

Paula Todd is the same moron who ambushed on air an asian gun collector after the Virginia tech massacre. She then spoke off air about how this legal and sane gun collector was "freakish" except that the off air stuff was released to the gun collector and subsequently released on the internet...

Her bias and those of her pawns are there to hear loud and clear. They tried to ban it on youtube but I found a copy and hosted the link for a SDA... Click Here

Yeah I don't think I can look at her without vomit creeping up...

Neo Conservative said...

i used to watch tvo's studio 2 because i enjoyed steve paikin... and i remember paula one time interviewing the late zal yanovsky of "the lovin' spoonful".

her very best airhead moment came when she asked him what it felt like, when, as a young boy, his mother died.

yanovsky looked at princess paula with an astonished expression and asked if her mother was still alive... when she replied in the affirmative, he said... "well... call me when she dies".

p.s. - thx for the link.


langmann said...

The same Zal of Chez Piggy's fame... Kingston has its own culture.

I like Paikin because he lets people talk. He also usually asks decent questions and calls BS, but does so without being inflammatory.

I don't know what his political leanings are but he is as close to impartiality as I have found on TV. Too bad Paula didn't learn anything.

FoxtrotBravo said...

I agree with the above comment.

Steve Paikin is the only serious journalist I have access to here in Ontario. The rest of the news/news journals shows are at best biased tabloid-like fluff.

From the US, the best news show is News Hour with Jim Lehrer shown on PBS: it really is the gold standard for news anywhere.