08 August 2009

Missing in Action

Where, oh where is the Puffin King?

By all logical understanding, the Liberals shouldn't be stalled; they should be in upward flight. They are not. Have they been handicapped by Mr. Ignatieff's strange reticence on policy?

There is something, however, in the Liberals' approach that suggests that, maybe from their long habit of being in power, they expect it will be theirs again simply by default.

Maybe that's why Mr. Ignatieff has had, in terms of visibility and profile, so relaxed and ruminative a summer.


caz said...

Ignatieff is nothing but a poser. Canadians are thankfully starting to see it.

langmann said...

Rex is usually very observant but I think he forgot about something. Iggy has tried to fly the EI balloon and it came crashing down when people realized it would cost the majority of us working a significant penny and only persuade those who take advantage of the system to take advantage even more.

People who have unfortunately been canned due to the recession generally will get EI.

Neo Conservative said...

good point... perhaps iggy's "ei crusade" is the political equivalent of dion's "green shift".

i guess we'll see.


Philanthropist said...

Iggy's lights are on, dimly, but there's nobody home.

The Professor has done what exactly? Write some books that few people read, made speeches and lectures without ever having to implement a policy, direct anything, or meet a payroll. Academics like him are trained to be narrow-minded, that's what getting a PHD is all about, focus, focus, focus. He's got nothing.