25 November 2008

Why we should disband the U.N.

...Reason #42...

Somali pirates have hijacked a Yemeni cargo ship, reported to be the 39th successful hijacking by pirates off the Horn of Africa this year. Head of the East African Seafarers' Association Andrew Mwangura said the MV Amani was taken in the Gulf of Aden.

Nato Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said on Monday that the alliance was not considering any naval blockade.

He said that such action has not been endorsed by the UN Security Council.
Geez... isn't that sorta the same kind of reasoning that allowed Rwanda to spiral into madness and genocide. I guess the last straw for me was when the various U.N. member nations decided that Libya (I shit you not) should get to be a member of the... cough, cough... Security Council.
The last thing the world needs right now is disruption of one of its busiest shipping lanes and a spike in insurance premiums. But the cause of the present surge of piracy is no less worrying than its consequences.

What has made the pirates’ audacity possible is the collapse of Somalia.

The existence of a vast ungoverned space in Africa’s Horn does not just provide a useful haven from which pirates can hunt their prey at sea.

It also threatens to transmit shockwaves through a seam of fragile and strife-torn African states from Sudan to the Congo.
There's a really simple solution here... LIGHT. THEM. UP.