21 November 2008

The "New Inclusive Racism"

Apparently, it's no longer just for "honkies"...

-- TORONTO -- All but one board member -- Hamlin Grange -- voted in support of board chairman Dr. Alok Mukherjee's report, which recommended leaving Toronto Police's current "Don't Ask" policy as is.

That was despite the pleas of countless legal groups and immigration advocates who earlier made their case for a change in policy. They were demanding Police Chief Bill Blair instruct his officers not to inform authorities when they learn of a person's illegal status.

Outside the meeting, Scott told reporters the fight is far from over and accused the board of "blatant racism".


Anonymous said...

So these Illegal Immigrant smuggling support groups are either admiting that they endorse breaking the Laws for Canada by any one of the 6.5 Billion people living outside of canada that can get to our soil , OR , they are asserting that Canada creates abusive spouses who didn't have a problem prior to entering canada.

Pick one , because it can't be both .

If these Human-Smuggling enablers want to continue breaking our Laws and create batter-wives , then lets cut off any further Tax-Payer funds while having the Federal Government remove their "Charity" status for tax-receipts for private donations.

The real irony for the CAW is that they donated close to $300'000.00 dollars to a Local Refugee-Centre so it could build/or buy more Housing units for these smuggled humans coming in at Fort Erie and Niagara Falls once they are shuttled up from Mexico or Columbia. So now we see many Illegals doing low-paying jobs and in turn under cutting the wages for candian born citizens that lose their jobs , but what's worse ...this gutting of the good-paying jobs has driven the CAW salaries sky-high compared to the average non-Union wage.
So now canadians have lost any sympathy for another CAW bail-out just to see them go on strike during the good times and threaten to bankrupt GM and FORD.

I know this because I saw the Documents that linked Politicians and Refugee Lawyers to this scam that helps create future Voters and uses tax-Dollars to fabricate jobs in the support sectors for "New Commers" wanting to be good Citizens and create jobs by starting a business.
Illegals are housed on the US side of the Border until arrangements are made in Toronto/Windsor/Fort Erie areas, then the illegals cross in to canada to hop into an waiting car that shuttles them to Toronto's Refugee-Centre's which have all the Social benefits ready and a Lawyer set-up to create a File of oppression and fear based on a refugee template so the stories match for each Illegal.

So is it any wonder that the Miller team in Toronto want the Police to remain as Social-Workers that carry guns , and our American mayor also wants non-Citizens to have the right to vote in Canadian Elections at all levels.