29 November 2008

Prove it, prove it!!!

Almost 200 confirmed dead... and compassionate, cooperative Pakistan continues to circle the wagons...

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said today the Indian government should provide evidence to support any claims the attacks were linked to groups in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s government turned down India’s request to send the chief of the military intelligence agency to investigate the attacks.
Hmmmm... what possible reason could the Pakistani government have... for wanting all this to just go away?

Might be time for India to start stocking up on Predator drones.



Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... I'm still waiting for Maher Arar to PROVE he actually did suffer from torture"

you know what, anon... i'm not gonna dispute what you're saying... but i'm gonna ask you to read my "commenting policy" in the sidebar of the blog and then, if you wish to comply, repost your comment.

why don't you just shed the anon, take a pseudonym... and provide a couple of sources for the stuff you're alleging.

it'd also help if you tried to stay closer to the topic of the post... you seem to have a personal beef with arar that might be better addressed elsewhere.

-- deleted --