30 November 2008

Curly, Larry and Jack

Apparently the Dippers... you know, the guys who imagine they're qualified to displace the elected government of this country... pulled an electronic boner of epic proportions...

-- OTTAWA -- The NDP says it may pursue criminal charges after the Conservatives covertly listened in, taped and distributed audio of a closed-door NDP strategy session.

NDP Leader Jack Layton can be heard on the tapes boasting to his caucus that he had prepared scenarios to bring down the government with the help of the Bloc Quebecois before the Conservatives issued their recent economic statement.
Holy crap... what's the deal here? Is this another Watergate break-in kinda deal?

Well... not exactly...
An unidentified Tory was “invited” to participate in the call, said PMO spokesman Dimitri Soudas.

“Maybe the invitation was meant for the Bloc, and they accidentally invited us. We were invited.

When you get invited somewhere you have the opportunity to choose to participate or not participate.”
Yeah sure, Jacko... we're gonna let you drive the bus.

In your dreams.


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Anonymous said...

And let me guess....a dipper probably wants to be Minister of Defence, dealing with things like secrets, confidentiality, planning,strategy and tactics.....heh.
(Hey Osama....it's Jack again, he's inviting you to another conference call.)

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... Hey Osama....it's Jack again"

well rich... seeing as they just invited someone from the conservative caucus to their secret "overthrow the government" conference call... a not unlikely scenario.