29 November 2008

Remember when you were a kid...

...and newspapers just used to... you know... report the news...

"Mr. Harper's determination to destroy the Liberals borders on the pathological."

"I can't speak for Prime Minister Harper but my desire to destroy the liberals has been pathological since they stole all that taxpayers money."

LAST WORD: So Iggy... what exactly do you call...

...letting the Separatistes drive the bus?


Anonymous said...

I can't speak for Prime Minister Harper but my desire to destroy the liberals has been pathelogical since they stole all that taxpayers money.

Neo Conservative said...

that's okay... michael valpy and his socialist media pals are apparently able to telepathically read the prime minister's innermost thoughts.

if only they had thought to use their awesome powers during "adscam" or "shawinigate".


Honey Pot said...

I know we were forced to fund the separatist by the liberals all these years. The liberals have never met a separatist,or terrorist organization they couldn't get in bed with. Wouldn't it be outright treason, for the liberals to form an alliance with them to bring down the government though?

Ashley_Wilkes-Booth said...

Wow, I'm suddenly interested in know how old you are, because in my life experience, newspapers have always editorialized. I may personally prefer the factual news, but I'm pretty sure you're wrong.

I too share a pathological desire to see the federal (and Ontario) Liberals destroyed - but that's not the PM's job. He acted for partisan gain, not national benefit, and that is wrong. He is no worse than the Liberals right now, but can no longer claim to be any better.

I've been happy with his performance as PM and preferred him over Martin and Dion, but his hatred of the Liberals must not overrule his duty to Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

"awb says... I'm suddenly interested in know(sic) how old you are"

so ashley, where... and apparently, more to the point, when... you come from -- it's okay to publicly label the prime minister of this country a borderline sociopath?

in my world, that's not editorialising... that's character assassination.

where does anybody dredge up evidence of this supposed "pathological hatred"?


looks like you pounded back that msm kool-ade with nary a backward glance, kiddo. you wanna be taken seriously, you better resolder the ol' logic circuit and try again.

nobody's sayin' you're not entitled to your opinion... but like pj o'rourke says... "i wanna see the logic and the lab equipment".


langmann said...

Why shouldn't he want to destroy the Liberals? Chretien wanted to destroy the Reform party and no-one thought anything of some of the things Chretien said.


I mean what is the acceptable number of Liberals Harper should allow?

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... Why shouldn't he want to destroy the Liberals?"

i guess that's the very question we should ask michael valpy.

like all the left-leaning dreamers out there... he wants everything to be one big, fuzzy-bunny "circle of friends".

apparently, if you don't play the game his way... you are pathological demon.