28 November 2008

NDP refusing to confirm rumours...

...that, as part of the deal... Gilles Duceppe will be crowned Lord High Emperor of Quebec...

That rumour must have come from the camps of one of the Liberal leadership contenders, not from the NDP, the source said, adding that everything is on the table — including bringing in Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale to be prime minister.

The co-operation of the Bloc Québécois would be required for any Liberal-NDP coalition to function.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Visions of sugarplums...
"...Canadians grabbing their chests at the thought of a Dipper Minister of Finance..."
"If the opposition wants to go to the polls on the issue of taxpayer funding of political parties I say bring it on."

"Political suicide... 100% Conservative Parliament."

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"Should public subsidies that Canada's five major political parties receive be scrapped?"


wilson said...

''Bloc representatives laughed when asked Friday if members of their party were taking part in the negotiations.''


NDP Peter Julian on CTV just took a stand, NO corporate tax cuts, big bucks NOW, tight now, for auto and manufacturing.


the Coalition of the Entitled SEIZING power,
is dead.

Only the msm tabloids reporting 'unsourced' 'unnamed insiders',
and Canadians grabbing their chests at the thought of a Dipper Minister of Finance,
lives on.

Neo Conservative said...

and yet boob rae bravely soldiers on.


Anonymous said...

I heard if the government falls, Dion will be ousted and Ignatieff will be made leader of the Liberal party. Then he'll be made leader of Canada once the liberals and NDP form a coalition with an outside pledge of support from the Bloc.

And the Liberals say the Conservatives are a front to democracy? The Liberal/NDP coalition will be 29 seats short of the Conservatives with an unelected party leader being made an unelected Prime Minister. All without an election. Where are the palm trees and beaches cause this must be Cuba.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm with kate...

"To the Liberal/NDP supporters whining that the CPC is exploiting the opposition's financial vulnerability to play "partisan games", I offer this advice - get out your checkbooks and shut the hell up."


Philanthropist said...

The government's not throwing money to Liberal/NDP cronies who run failing businesses! Where will their golden parachutes come from if it's not from your paycheque or mine?

Rose said...

Harper folded on this issue and he should not of. I can see the leftards pulling similar stunts in the future because he didn't stand strong. Forming a shadow government is not acceptable, and that's what their alliance would of been. The public supports his defunding Political Parties.

I can't believe the over the top reaction from the leftards at the Gob and Spew even the NP is posting article after article on how Harper is threatening "Democracy". Excuse me but in a real democracy we don't force the tax payer to fund Private Political Parties. Honestly the left are bleeding through their eyes in rage. Talk about a sense of entitlement.

Cheap leftarded bastards like to hang out pontificating on the net all day but do they ever reach in their pockets to support their beloved liberals party. Dah no that's my responsibility apparently.

langmann said...

Someone please tell me how tax payer funding of political parties supports democracy? It just allows political parties to hire more hacks.

NDP: No corporate tax cuts for everyone, but lets give taxpayer money away to failing BIG AMERICAN CORPORATIONS. Typical lefties: some animals are more equal than others...

I am proud of Harper for holding back on this bailout for so long. He may eventually give in for political reasons but at least he's thinking about it.

And if the opposition wants to go to the polls on the issue of taxpayer funding of political parties I say bring it on. Political suicide... 100% Conservative Parliament.