21 November 2008

No wonder it's being cancelled

Watched the Canwest/Global morning news show today... and boy, does that explain a few things.

Today's episode featured a couple of firefighters who yammered on about resuscitating people's pets at fire scenes. At one point the valiant "smoke-eaters" fruitlessly tried to put a special oxygen mask on somebody's poor pooch... and all I can say is... I hope these guys are more proficient with ladders and hoses than they were with the pet-o-mask.

The point here is... while it's certainly nice that Fido gets the full court press too... there's no way this fluff qualifies as actual news.

Ditto for the intrepid "reporter on the street" who was sent out before dawn to get the scoop on the international financial upset. Seems she was reduced to corralling some poor woman on her way to work and obtaining her opinion on yesterday's stock market meltdown.

Now, one would hope that the woman in question was actually a stockbroker... but there was no name and no mention of her credentials or her occupation... and from her simplistic financial prognostication... (apparently we're all doomed)... I suspect she actually works in the brokerage cafeteria.

If they dumb this stuff down any further, I'm afraid people's IQ's are gonna start plummeting.

Or maybe it's just too late already.



"Last night we watched the local Toronto CTV news."

"Nine minutes in, after about 5 minutes of the triple murder suicide, about three of the economic situation, and one on the 'blizzard', the next story was about 'a SHOCKING result' on some dumb dance show."


Anonymous said...

Hey, its the same everywhere.

Last night we watched the local Toronto CTV news. Nine minutes in, after about 5 minutes of the triple murder suicide, about three of the economic situation, and one on the "blizzard", the next story was about a SHOCKING result on some dumb dance show.

No, it wasn't the Entertainment portion. This was the NEWS.

Cross promotion anyone?

If this keeps up, the birth rate is going to rise. People will be shutting off the TV and finding other things to do in bed, just like the old days...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... it's the same everywhere."

that, unfortunately, is the long & short of it and one of these days i'm just gonna heave a coffee cup right through the screen.

and i probably even forgot to mention their scintillating piece on "breast fest".

i dunno, james... is everybody besides you & me just sittin' there in a coma?


Anonymous said...

Nope, I think people are getting the picture. True, really dumb shows are dumber and more popular than ever, but that just drives us to the good shows (or DVDs).

Take "the Sopranos". Kudos to CTV for counter programming the Olympics a few years ago and putting this over the air.

Then the rot set in: CTV buys so much crap, they started moving "Sopranos" around. Eventually, it landed on a Friday night. At 7PM. Dumb.

This year, I started watching "Mad Men" again (caught the first part when I had cable). Give CTV another chance.

Halfway through the season, they abruptly started showing the SECOND season. No warning. Moved it to Bravo.

Grrrr. But, started to watch it. THEN they moved the day (up against hockey AND football). Grrrr. THEN they actually showed episodes out of order. No explanation, no apology.

I know your post was about news, but to me, that's just part of it.

BTW, even with the coverage of the murders-suicide, this was rich: reporter ditz outside the home, lights shining directing into the home, re-iterating what the police had said about "respecting the family's right to privacy" as well as the neighbours...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... your post was about news, but to me, that's just part of it."

it's pervasive, isn't it?

hey, tv people... here's a thought... if your sitcom needs a built-in laughtrack... it's obviously not funny enough.

if your news anchor can't read the tele-prompter without mashing up simple sentences like a first grader... and yes, max keeping, i'm talking about you... hire somebody who can.

when did we all become so complacent?