22 November 2008

We must be getting close to...

...Darwin Award Season...

-- WOODSTOCK -- Drivers have heard it's dangerous to drive while using a cellphone. But now police are warning about the hazards of grabbing breakfast behind the wheel.

Ontario Provincial Police responded yesterday to a single-vehicle crash and found a young woman covered in milk and cereal.

Police say the 21-year-old woman was trying to eat cereal with a bowl and spoon while driving in icy conditions on Highway 7 in Wellington County when she lost control and crashed into guide posts.

Louise Light is charged with careless driving. Police say the woman was not hurt, but she was embarrassed.
(h/t reader rich)


Anonymous said...

Oh great, now a no eating "milk and cereal" while driving law coming to a courthouse near you.

Anonymous said...

No mahmood, if you die while driving like a less than marginally intelligent person law.
Which would be good.

Anonymous said...

To Mrs Louise Light
From Your insurance company

Your insurance coverage is now toast!

Neo Conservative said...

truth is indeed sometimes stranger than fiction.


Pissedoff said...

If she wasn't speeding she will get away with it. Or was she carrying too many passengers?