27 November 2008

Rae jubilant...

...Ignatieff campaign in tatters... after receiving leftosphere's infamous "kiss of death"...

"Personally, I think Michael Ignatieff is the person for the job, and I hope you do as well."


Anonymous said...

Count Ignatieff could have been the best guy for the job because he is the father of the carbon tax. Rae has a hell of a record, too bad too many young people don't know enough about it. We will have to wait and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Before I click...is that a link the Jason?
I prefer warnings before heading over to the lefty blogs...


Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Rae has a hell of a record"


what i remember is that, by the time his term ended, "commie bob" had even managed to piss off big labour.


maryT said...

Jason says Iggy listens to ordinary canadians. We will watch how he votes re the cuts to party funding. Ordinary canadians are voting in on line polls and in blog comments saying YES, cut the subsidy.
Will Iggy support what ordinary canadians are saying.
Will wait for Jason's response.

Neo Conservative said...

c'mon now... if there's one thing to be said about "the mighty cherniak"... it's that, he sure knows how to pick 'em.

just look how he flat-out nailed that dion thing.


Honey Pot said...

It is a contest between Lenny and Squiggy for the liberal leadership.

Like all good blood-sucking liberals, they will rip each other's lungs out in this bid for the head honcho of a now defunct broke party.

Just the fact that Squiggy is allowing the shit-house nazi hunter, and the south-park Kenny, into his inner circle is enough to know the game is over before it started.

Of course they could be the only 2 card carrying liberal party members left in Canada.

Philanthropist said...

Bob Rae - LOL!: hopefully he wins the leadership of the Liberal Party of Toronto, an incompetent group of fools deserve incompetent leadership.

But the Ivory Tower guy who's smarter than us po' folk is a great 2nd choice, he'll teach us good, cuz he's so smart! Intellectuals are our Saviours! Yay!