16 September 2008

When France starts to step up...

...you know the tide is turning...

-- PARIS -- French commandos stormed a sailboat to free two French tourists who were being held for ransom by heavily-armed Somali pirates, President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Tuesday.

One pirate was killed and six others taken prisoner in the pre-dawn assault by some 30 troops. The freed hostages and the captured pirates were put on a French navy vessel sailing towards Djibouti, where France has an army base.

“These are not isolated cases but a fully fledged criminal industry. This industry endangers our fundamental rights, freedom of movement and of international trade,” Mr. Sarkozy said. “The world must not remain indifferent or passive."

"I call on other countries to take their responsibilities as France has done twice.”
Nicolas, my friend... well played.


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-- DUBAI -- Al Jazeera television on Tuesday aired a video showing a Canadian and an Australian journalist kidnapped in Somalia last month, and said the pair were appealing to their governments to work for their release.

Canadian Amanda Lindhout, 27, Australian Nigel Brennan and Somali reporter Abdifatah Mohammed Elmi, working as their translator, were seized on Aug. 23 by gunmen near Mogadishu.


Babylonian777 said...

Good for France..........I know every one tends to label them as cowards and Dhimmis, and rightly so...........but.............when $hit hits the fan, you don't want to phuck with these people.

Neo Conservative said...

france has some huge domestic issues these days... luckily sarkozy was there to grab the rudder.

nice to see that he has chosen to implement a similar sort of foreign policy.


Anonymous said...

related......The wiberals will be wery concerned that our photogwapher girlie is being held by those wascally Somali's.

Too bad we don't have a paratroop regiment to send into Somalia, oh forgot, the wiberals were wery, wery sad when the paras imposed something close to law and order last time.

Perhaps Jack-off or Steffi can talk to the Somali's.