29 November 2008

I think I'll just wait...

...for the other shoe to drop...

-- Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper today backtracked on a proposal to cut funding for political parties after the opposition sought to topple his minority government.

“We wanted to lead by example and we’re disappointed they’re not following us,” Baird said in an interview on CTV television. "We thought it would be fairly slam-dunk."

"It’s not worth going into an election over."

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...plans for the Brave New Socialist World are taking shape...
Separately, coalition talks between the Liberals, NDP and Bloc continued Saturday. The NDP held an emergency caucus to discuss the details of a possible fiscal stimulus package to be introduced by the coalition government shortly after it would take power.

The NDP is asking for senior cabinet posts in any coalition government, including positions in charge of economic and social portfolios.


David said...

I agree lets just wait and see .The road to creating a coalition government has many traps and given the driven, that is the losers of the last 2 elections, I am sure they will delight us in the unthought-of possibilities.
They can retain their welfare now so what is it they really want? To save Canada on the tax dollars that won’t be generated if they have a whiff of control, dance you silly fools.
If things go wrong I am moving to Alberta, getting a beavertail street cart and joining the separatist party!

caz said...

I live in Alberta and I'm with you on this. Come on over!

mahmood said...

Good Lord!, a dipper cabinet?...last one out of the country turn out the lights...oh wait, turning out the lights won't be a problem, the joint will be dark and cold long before that.

Neo Conservative said...

"david says... If things go wrong I am moving to Alberta"

well... we did a sort of mini-exodus already... leaving toronto for rural ontario, rather than feed my young son into the uber-socialist, inner-city public school meat grinder.

it was the right move for us... we'll never go back.

and if the madness starts to spread out into the sticks... i think david is right... there's always alberta.


langmann said...

Want to make a bet that if these crazy yahoos form government that suddenly economic restraint and policies more right than left suddenly become necessary? That suddenly this bum rush to become government takes a step back and waits to see what Obama is going to do in the States? Kind of like what Harper is doing now.

Yeah they are all talk.

Also want to make a bet that if the Conservatives had been on the other end of the "Government Welfare for Political Parties" debate that the media would be roasting them for almost running the country into another election on the basis of taxpayer money?

I say let them take government. Governing during an economic downturn is a recipe for political destruction anyway. I say let the Conservative government die on the issue of cutting the political welfare scam and see what the country really thinks. I bet regardless of all the ivory tower talking heads, most people are sick of seeing their money drained into the pockets of the elite.

Rich said...

On a related note, this situation points out another reason why the Bloc should not be allowed to exist as a federal party.
Can you imagine any other country in the world that would permit the formation and involvement of a party whose stated purpose runs completely counter to the existence of that country?
That, and paying that party to exist from taxpayer dollars.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love it: the Lying Jackal is in full "nonny nonny" mode, positively chortling, just spoiling for a fight.

This is the same guy who backs Dalton McGuinty.

And McGuinty is the same guy who wants to "review" the new driving regs for young'ins because of, get this, he saw a Facebook page about it.

Yeah, that's leadership.