30 November 2008

Pakistan, huh?

I'm shocked, I tell you...

-- MUMBAI, India -- The only gunman captured by police after a string of attacks on Mumbai told authorities he belonged to the Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba, a senior police officer said Sunday.

The group has long been seen as a creation of the Pakistani intelligence service to help wage its clandestine war against India in disputed Kashmir.

Police arrested the lone surviving militant, Ajmal Qasab, and Mr. Maria said he confessed his links to Lashkar during interrogation. “Ajmal Qasab has received training in a L-e-T training camp in Pakistan,” he said.

“Our interrogation indicates that the terrorists had other places that they also intended to target.”

UPDATE: Second murdered Canadian identified
-- MONTREAL -- The second Canadian who died in the Mumbai attacks has been identified as Elizabeth Russell, the partner of the Montreal physician who was also killed.


KURSK said...

These deaths should serve as a reminder to those Canadians who are still drifting in and out of awareness of worldwide Islamic terrorism...we have a stake in the game, and the ante is the lives of our citizens..

Neo Conservative said...

"kursk says... we have a stake in the game"

we're, by no means, immune over here. if anything, because of the way our society is structured, we're a much softer target than mumbai.

only a matter of time, my friend.