27 November 2008


...is for lovers...

A man has been taken to hospital in critical condition after being shot in the city's east end. Toronto police say they were called to a highrise apartment at 1840 Victoria Park Ave., north of Lawrence Ave. E., just before midnight.

Meanwhile, police in the city's Weston-area are also searching for suspects after a man was found shot in the abdomen outside a home on Lindy Lou Rd., south of Finch Ave. W.


Anonymous said...

Capital punishment would demonstrate our moral willingness to defend our society and values, but apparently the majority of Canadians think there's nothing worth defending...

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

Yes.. nothing like killing people to make the point that human life is sacred..

Time to weed out the part of the Conservatives who want to:

a) Legislate back in Capital Punishment;

b) Completely ban Abortion;

..particularly those who want BOTH..uh.. see the irony?

..and I'm hopin no one is still arguing about gay marriage.. much as I think it was an bad idea, it's done, we'll get over it.

Neo Conservative said...

"roblaw says... nothing like killing people to make the point that human life is sacred"

tell me, rob... where do you come off being so sanctimonious about this? you wanna defend "no death penalty" to the parents of leslie mahaffey and kristen french?

bernardo and homolka should have been executed, not to make a point about the sanctity of human life... but because they are irredeemably evil sonsabitches who raped, tortured and murdered two young girls.

you got any kids?

think about it.


Anonymous said...

Neo, do you keep forgetting about Carla's Christmas gift to Paul? Nothing says I love you like drugging and raping your 15 year old sister/sister-in-law, causing her death, while videotaping on Christmas eve. Ain't love grand?

Now Carla is in some Caribbean country, god hope it's a hell hole and Paul is sitting in a cell surfing the net. Canadians ave spoken loudly and it says clearly that Three young women's lives are very very pretty cheap.

mauser98 said...

another law abiding gun club member on a rampage.

Anonymous said...

Human life is sacred, that's the point! When some thug takes a life so easily for drug money or whatever, or when some twisted bastard basically 'consumes' a life for their own pleasure - that person should pay the ultimate price, the rest of us must not only do what we can to protect each other - we should demonstrate that we truly believe life is a precious gift, and take that gift away from those who destroy life.