17 November 2008

I'm from the government...

I'm here to beef up your gonads...

MONTREAL — Already rich with a history of policy-makers encouraging baby-makers, Quebec could become the first province to pay entirely for in-vitro fertilization treatment under a Liberal election promise made yesterday.

The Liberals estimated that 1,500 births annually would be generated by the plan, with costs estimated at about $35-million per year.

The plan is a reversal from a stand taken by Philippe Couillard when he was health minister last year. Mr. Couillard opposed covering the cost of treatments because he said infertility isn't an illness. He isn't running this time.

"Hell, for 35 million I'll offer my services on a per pregnancy diem."


hunter said...

My sister has lovely twins because of in-vitro, a friend has triplets, both were able to afford the very costly procedure.

My question is this...if taxpayers are forced to pay for baby killing, why not baby creating? Abortion is not an illness either.

Either pay for both, or none.

syncrodox said...


Oysters and a Slut magazine for 1500 should come in at considerably less than 35 million.

Hell, for 35 million I'll offer my services on a per pregnancy diem.


Neo Conservative said...

i dunno... i guess i missed the part in the "charter of rights" where the government guarantees, and unbelievably... subsidises with taxpayer monies... your right to have children.

how about they MAYBE consider shelling out for stuff like this... after i don't have to sit in a hospital emergency room for seven and a half hours... with my already created sick fevered baby in my lap?

you want stuff like this... or a d-cup, or a facelift... you pay for it yourself.

or let syncro lend a... well, you know... geez, there's a picture i didn't need in my head.

that sound fair?


syncrodox said...


Sorry about the visual.




langmann said...

When Quebec finally becomes self sufficient they can pay for whatever they want.