18 November 2008

Sad news for screamin' socialists

The Moonbat Express is runnin' right off the rails...

"After careful and thoughtful consideration, we have concluded that it is no longer possible to maintain the current 'status quo' of our company's operations," Fecan said in the memo.

In addition to a freeze on hiring across the network and on travel and entertainment spending, Fecan said there will be "some layoffs," though details were not included in the memo.
Hey... maybe Dalton's gonna have to come up with a couple thousand more "social worker" gigs... but even then, competitions gonna be tight.
CTV's plans come after its competitor, Canwest Global Communications, last week said it is cutting 560 jobs from its television and newspaper operations, including axing its Toronto-based morning news show.

"Will the CBC be the only one to tell me what I need to think?"


Anonymous said...

Couldn't happen to a better bunch!


Philanthropist said...

Will the CBC be the only one to tell me what I need to think?

Anonymous said...

Well, sometimes it seems like they were broadcasting a Big 3 car advertisement at least once every ten minutes, what does it all mean? What's next, food banks in Hollywood for TV actors?

Anonymous said...

I guess the business plan that said "buy up all those stations and specialty channels to stuff all those really bad American shows we overpay for" didn't quite work out. Who knew?

Seriously, these are "networks" that put "NCIS" on the History Channel (and tried to fit CSI: New York as well). We've only had satellite for a year, but the quality went downhill almost immediately.

I used to watch "Mad Men" on AMC, but we lost it when we left cable. I was happy CTV started running it...until they abruptly, and without warning, lopped off the first season's last 6 shows and started showing the second season. "Go to Bravo", they said. @#$%#, sure, why not. THEN they moved it to the weekends against hockey and football. THEN they actually showed episodes out of sequence.

This from a "network" that put an episode of "The Sopranos" on a Friday at 7PM...

Good riddance. These jerks are like kids dressing up in their parent's clothes. They try to be grown ups, but they are still rug rats...