16 November 2008

It doesn't get much better than that

The man at the center of the storm enthuses...

"Yesterday, I said that the impact of the party's vote would be salutary, in that party activists would telegraph their intentions to MPs."

"Who knew that one of those activists would have been the minister himself!"

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"The Commission has had the Moon Report for several weeks - it is off being translated into French at the moment. Speculatively, do you think the Jackal and Burney might have had a heads up on the contents of that report?"


Anonymous said...

This, for me, is a hill to die on. If Deepak wants to see another vote from me or my family we will see some concrete action to follow up this hollow vote. I will send him an email to that effect today, and urge others to similarly contact their MPs.

Neo Conservative said...

hey, take a breath here jon... this was a very positive step. i don't know why you'd call this a hollow vote.

maybe save some outrage for when something bad actually happens.