30 November 2008

My gut feeling is to go with...

..."Coalition Of The Swilling"...

UPDATE: Here's an interesting rumour...

"I’m at the Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner right now and a quiet rumour among a small number of of the gathered people here is that Prime Minister Stephen Harper may prorogue Parliament until the new year."

FROM THE COMMENTS: What gentle, compassionate man said...
"This becomes relevant because suddenly, he is weak. In fact, at this particular moment, he is almost unable to defend himself. Owing to a ridiculously ill-considered act of hubris, he has laid himself vulnerable to his opponents."

"Their imperative could not be more clear: kill him. Kill him dead."


tasso said...

As I browse these blogs I’m struck by the bizarre east/west tension in the posts…. This is supposed to be a country – where we join together to achieve great things. When Canada wins a gold medal at the Olympics do western Canadians only take pride if the recipient comes from the west?

How can we criticize the bickering in Ottawa and the obvious flaws of our political leaders when we are so polarized on the issues – we are in this together – and sadly that is what our current Prime Minister and others seem to forget too often…. I don’t take pleasure in the suffering of anyone in Canada or beyond – I’m just looking for some common sense perhaps some genuine cooperation and compassion.

There’s got to be a light bulb joke in here somewhere – “How many barrels of Alberta oil will we need to suck from the earth to pay the EI for unemployed autoworkers through this recession?

Can’t you try to use your “neo-conservative” energy to add something positive?

We need some solutions. We need some new ideas.

Neo Conservative said...

"tasso says... Can’t you try to use your “neo-conservative” energy to add something positive?"

sorry... you want someone to sprinkle magic fairy dust on stuff... you better head on over to liblogs, or rabble.

we do real life here... and real life gets messy and dirty.


tasso said...

Politics is not war – and leadership has little to do with winning.

What the Canada I believe in represents is a place where a wide spectrum of opinions are respected. Are you suggesting that only the Liberals believe in such silly notions? The right is only capable of a narrow range? This world has seen enough dirt from zealous ideologues this week I think – I was suggesting that you might offer a service to try to unite Canadians - rather than to separate. But then again you just suggested that my opinion is not welcome here….

langmann said...

@ tasso:

Well even Obama when push came to reality, has formed an economic cabinet much more right than left.

Here's a solution and a new idea: political parties don't deserve taxpayer money. Big American failing companies don't deserve taxpayer money. Failed investments don't deserve taxpayer money. Big unions don't deserve taxpayer money.

I think Harper doesn't want to throw money away at a problem that the free market has always been able to solve and come out on top at the end of the day. I appreciate that attitude since people like me have to pay for all the other hair-brained rescue plans that contain little economic evidence that they work and a lot that they don't.

Neo Conservative said...

"tasso says... Politics is not war – and leadership has little to do with winning. "

okay... i think i see the problem here. for starters, tasso... i strongly disagree with both of those assertions.

and while everybody (you too?) seems to want to paint conservatives as extremists... guess which "zealous idealogues" are pushing stuff like rescuing murderers off death-row and proposing laws that make it easier to have sex with teenagers and using taxpayer monies to buy heroin for junkies.

see tas... if there's some sort of middle ground here... i'm just not seein' it.

the fact is, i appreciate ALMOST everybody's opinion... but i reserve the right to fight, and fight strenuously, the stuff i disagree with.

if you can you live with that... i welcome your dissenting views. just don't get your hopes up for a "road to damascus" moment.


tasso said...

I am actually “righter” than you think and I am a fiscal conservative. But do the math, 1000’s of autoworksrs have lost their jobs in central Canada – Canadian workers that still have jobs will have to pay their EI. If GM or Ford fail – taxpayers will have to make good on the pensions for retired workers – which are under-funded with the drop in equity values. It is actually cheaper to prop-up GM than to deal with the carnage – Harper knows this and I am sure you will see something before Dec 8th – and now I think he has few alternative political options. How does any of this help you or I? Would you let these people starve? Is that how the market “corrects” these things?

My beef here is with the lack of prudence of the government – rolling the dice on political stability over some petty political gain at a time when the sentiment of the people is in no mood for political games. Mr. Harper has been very unwise with his recent choices and HE has painted himself and all taxpayers into a corner.

My comments to neo-conservative were sincere – I just think at this time we have no need for polarized partisan politics – we need brave new ideas and leadership – not failed economics from the 80’s… Perhaps Harper should attempt a coalition. Oh right – no fairly dust here….

tasso said...

Neo-conservative – while our opinions on many issues may differ – there is a possibility of some common ground. Are we so cynical that the best way forward is to vilify others – who may be weaker, less fortunate or simply different than ourselves? As I said earlier – add something positive…. Extreme views in either direction are of no use now.

Neo Conservative said...

"tasso says... 1000’s of autoworksrs have lost their jobs in central Canada - Would you let these people starve?"

but tasso... this is simply the inevitable result of the big three automakers not making cars that people want to buy... it has absolutely nothing to do with stephen harper or conservative fiscal policy.

and guess what? in a global free market economy... paying people relative megabucks to bolt bumpers onto cars... is no longer a recipe for success.

the solution here is to get them to rationalise their operations... not continue to prop them up with billions of taxpayer dollars. if it's not a viable business... it SHOULD fail.

that's called capitalism.

holy hell... we're letting canadian farmers get driven under... and they're the people who grow our food.

and finally, tas... please forward me your source article for the countless hordes of autoworkers who have "starved" to death.

call me wacky... but i'll take a conservative government over, say... the acolytes of st pierre trudeau... who took canada's national debt from 28 billion dollars... to 300 billion.

you can't spend your way out of trouble.


Anonymous said...

In case anyone has any illusions about the lib mindset in this situation, this pithy comment says it all:- "Their imperative could not be more clear: kill him. Kill him dead. Do not, whatever you do, provide him with an opportunity to extend his hold on power. Because you can be damn certain he will never again be so reckless as to give you a chance to finish him off."
This from Scott Reid, a lib mouthpiece.
This is a fight to the death.
I suggest reading the full article here-

tasso said...

Neo – I think it’s beyond the “branding” of politics or economics at this point. The government will not let anyone starve – and the Canadian economy needs a manufacturing sector. Your assumption that the market drives the economy is nonsense. Look at Germany – or China – or pretty well any other successful economy as examples of how it works. These successful – growing – economies were engineered by their governments. Harper’s “hand’s off” approach will simply fail and fail badly for all Canadians. The idea of a successful market driven economy is simply a farce. Look at the current crisis in the US or even General Motors itself as prime examples of how well “market driven” economics is working.

I would rather see a vibrant auto sector with the successful players working in Canada – but it’s no longer an option. My point is that because Mr. Harper deliberately slapped the opposition in the face – the taxpayers will be stuck with the bill – and the Canadian government has less leverage over the big three to improve the economics… We deserve better government – I am VERY disappointed.

Neo Conservative said...

"tasso says... Look at the current crisis in the US"

the subprime lending racket in the u.s. has absolutely nothing to do with stephen harper's policies, the conservative party's policies... or canada as a fiscal entity.

it was a fuzzy-bunny, affirmative-action ponzi-scheme that loaned money to people who didn't actually have the wherewithal to pay it back. when the economy cycled downwards, as it regularly does... chaos predictably ensued.

the fact is, tas... if, back in the day, the trudeaupian dreamers hadn't multiplied canada's national debt tenfold... it would have made more difference to our economy now... than the big three automakers combined. and your solution here is, what... chuck good money after bad?

sorry... what's needed here, imho... is some battlefield triage. if one of the big three folds, there will be more market share for everybody.

see, the thing is... a "vibrant auto sector", by definition, doesn't need corporate welfare to survive.

government isn't supposed to be a cradle-to-grave nanny service... well, not according to an actual conservative.


tasso said...

Neo – we are closer than you think and I think we both agree that there have been so many missed chances for a stronger Canadian economy that it’s a national embarrassment. But where we differ is the notion that a free market economy is inherently stronger. I no longer believe that is true. I already said – I would prefer to support/encourage the more successful automakers, toyota, honda, VW, and I’ve emailed McGinty to say so and encouraged government sponsored restructuring of the auto sector in that direction. The problem is that this silly game that played out this week took that out of the cards. Harper no longer has a choice but to bail out the pathetic “big three”. He has squandered his political leverage and the economic leverage of Canadians. I am pissed.

In a free market economy – when the CEO screws up he gets fired. In our “make believe modern conservative economy” – we print money…. I simply think current actions suggest that a change in leadership is needed. Harper is just too far off the mark. He may be an economist – but his ideas are way out of date.

Neo Conservative said...

"tasso says... Harper no longer has a choice but to bail out the pathetic 'big three'."

oh, there's always a choice, tas... you just have to be prepared to deal with the consequences.

as far as "squandering" anything goes... it seems notable that you decline to address my point about the "spend like a drunken sailor" socialists.

the thing is, you can email premier mcslippery until the cows come home... he's among the worst of a bad lot.

and, for goodness sake, don't get me started on the fiberals two billion plus dollar "farmer bob rifle registry".


tasso said...

Ah Neo – you’ve got some plunk there – would be great to share a beer someday – entertaining at least.

It is fair to rake former Prime Ministers over the coals – it’s just that I’m a bit more concerned about the issues of the day. Harper is manufacturing problems as we type…. What the hell was he thinking….

Neo Conservative said...

"tasso says... would be great to share a beer someday"

well, tas... perhaps some day we'll make that happen.

you're obviously a fellow seeker... even if we're perhaps walking at oblique angles right at the moment.

and yes, my friend... mrs n. would likely agree with you... i am relentless.


Anonymous said...

This just in...it was Layton & Duceppe who conspired like vipers well BEFORE any thing happened in parliament.
They were in cahoots to get the big overthrow plan in motion asap well BEFORE Flaherty spoke.
So we have Layton conspiring with the separatists to bring down the gov't at the first opportunity....not to mention Duceppe who conspired to bring down the government too!
So much for caring about Canadians and putting the interests of the common people first.
Layton, you are a snake in the grass and if there was any justice in the world you would FOREVER have lost the right to be an MP.
If Canadians have any sense they will destroy this back-stabbing, power hungry, abomination of a man.
Read it here:-

Neo Conservative said...

rich... i'm way ahead of you...