27 November 2008

"Entitled to their entitlements"

Liberal party wigs out... as Harper government announces proposal to end taxpayer subsidies to political parties...

Opposition parties denounced the proposal to end per-vote subsidies in the name of economic restraint as a partisan power play.

Liberal finance critic Scott Brison said his party was still deliberating on whether to oppose the proposal, but said it marks an early return to political gamesmanship by the Tories after the election.
Hey, Scotty... how about we get a little crazy... and, you know... ask the people who have to actually pay the freight here...

Well... I'd say that settles that.


UPDATE: Oh Gawd, stop... yer killin' me

Ooooh, noooo... crampin' up... can't... stop... laughing...
"The Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois say they can’t support the plan because it offers no stimulus package to deal with the economic crisis."
Please, please.... no more.



beachnut said...

That move of cutbacks just sreams...
Well, Harperish.

Rich said...

When a vote comes on this...some say by Fri...I bet there will a few cases of parliamentary "flu" and/or some sitzkrieg.
It , of course, will be juat a coincidence that just enough opposition MP's will be absent/non-voting so as to permit a contrived non-confidence action to fail.
Mr. Harperr....game, set ,match.

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant move by Harper! On all levels: it's hard to argue against getting rid of taxpayer funding for political parties (unless you're a Liberal facing imimant unemployment). But now it's impossible for the opposition to attempt to defeat the government on their economic update without exposing themselves to the charge that they're more about their entitlements than about the Canadian economy.

Wanna bet that there will be amazing rash of absenteeism from the Libs, Bloc and NDP on Monday when this comes to a (confidence) vote? And if the opposition can't count, then they'll have to explain to the Canadian public that they're really not forcing an election to line their own pockets.

Good luck with that one!

Country Mamma said...

Even if Dion, Jack and god ole Gilles are sincere I have serious difficulty believing that the Rae camps and Iggy camps would allow this confidence vote be voted down.

I would think that the last thing in the world they want is for Stephan to be a leader of anything/the least bit Prime Ministerial, that would totally upset their leadership plans now wouldn't it? heavens a decision might even be made to delay the leadership race until some distant day in the future as "Canadians" require stability in these tough economic times.

I see just enough of their followers being absent for this to pass, with lots of belly aching of course and a promise to restore the funding when they get back in power.

Marc-André Mongeon, M.A said...

I think that this time the opposition will actually topple the government. I have a bad feeling that they will call the PM's bluff on this. Maybe I'm too alarmist, but a Liberal/NDP (add the potential for a unity crisis on top of an economic and political one) arrangement with occasional Bloc support may actually happen, rather than going back to the polls.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't too long ago that the Liberals and MSM wondered if the "Conservative-separatist alliance" would defeat the Martin gov't. Hmmm. In order for a coalition to work, the Bloc would have to be included. If it's a terrible thing for the separatists to defeat a gov't, what would the MSM say if they were IN gov't?! Will see how the MSM spins that one.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if the opposition parties had tried to be a little more co-operative the Conservatives may not have pulled this litle rabbit out of the hat. The Liberals and NDPs idea of co-operation was to blame all the world's economic problems on the Tories. Some co-operation! Some rabbit!

Neo Conservative said...

"Marc-André says... I have a bad feeling that they will call the PM's bluff on this."

well, marc... the only thing wrong with that theory... is that harper doesn't bluff.


Anonymous said...

The Liberals are pussies, the NDP are whackos, the Bloc are traitors and the Greenies are enviro religious freakazoids . . . . none have the balls or the money for an election now.

Broke, defeated and all stuck on stupid. Some opposition.

Anonymous said...

Nothing's going to happen. The three Op. parties will vote against it. Enough Op. MP's will not show up so it will pass. This will allow the parties to say they voted against it but that they weren't going to force another election.

wilson said...

So the Coalition of the Entitled go to the GG (who serves at the pleasure of the Prime Minister) and say:

Heh Jean, those dastardly Cons just put out a 3 year economic plan, and all 3 years are in surplus.!!
We want to take them down, because we can do better and give Canadians the huge deficits they were expecting!!

Flaherty just announced the government will balance the books, with razor thin surplus', for the next 3 years.
ANY opposition ammendments or addition of a stimulus package (other than the $36B in infrastructure already on the books) will throw the country into deficit, at the hands of the opposition.

Flahrety = no deficit
Coalition = deficit ($35m for party funding, and funding for auto workers + lots of goodies)

Time to play the Dion tape 'what would you do if you were PM',
over and over....

Anonymous said...

Where did those poll numbers come from?

Anonymous said...

I think Marc is worrying too much that the opposition will unite and go to the GG to form a new government. Let's assume for a moment that they pull it off.

How would this be perceived by the general public? A coalition held together by the Bloc, whose only interest is to steer Canada through the uncertainties of a difficult economy? Or a bunch of self-serving hacks sheltering together to save their (political) hides, playing metaphorical fiddles while the economy burns?

No amount of MSM spin will get around that smell.

Then consider just how long this coalition is likely to last - especially when all parties concerned realize that really is no money left over to give to each other. Bob Rae will have a serious case of deja vu.

And Harper will be waiting.

robins111 said...

I just know that this will fly, the snivelling of the left will resound for ever over this but it'll fly.

When I heard about this I almost fell off my chair laughing.

This will fly people and the rest of the stuff that needs to be done.

KC said...

I think this thing could go one of two ways. Yes I see that most Canadians will genearlly oppose political funding for political parties as a gut instinct.

On the other hand they may be pissed at Harper for playing blatant machiavellian political games at a time when we need leadership and bi-partisanship. An election is what? 200-300 Million? Thats 6-10 elections worth of party financing?

Personally Im disappointed. Whatever differences I might have with the Prime Minister, he usually strikes me as someone who cares about this country. By putting a poison pill like this on the table at a time like this with economic turmoil for ideological reasons--risking an election and possibly a constitutional crisis--I lose a lot of respect.

If Harper wants to do away with public financing AT LEAST return the maximum donation to $5000. You cant buy influence for that little, and at least it would send the message that your not just out to vanquish your opponents.

Cascadian said...

Great commentary Country Mamma.

A great many MPs are going to be travelling to/from their constituencies on Friday and Monday, it will be most unfortunate but the opposition party members will miss their vote. Magically the better organized Conservatives will stay in Ottawa and vote. Dion will be able to whine in front of the TV again about how democracy has been thwarted and CTVCBC (the combined commie commentariat) will lap it all up.

Too bad, so sad I would love to see the spectacle of the Dippers and Lieberals pleading their case in front of the dipper Governor General.

I think Flaherty's announcement is a masterful piece of work, the Lieberals get a reduction of the Political Welfare Bums handout, polling companys and outside legal work also get cut. Cut, Slash Hack.... no under the counter funding of Lieberal donators.

Neo Conservative said...

"kc says... You can't buy influence for that little"

you're kidding right?

i betcha a goodly number of these sleazy political bagmen would kneecap their grandmother... for 2 tickets to vegas and 10 minutes on mike duffy live.

somebody better tell iggy to get the official liberal kneepads off steffi before he disappears into the mists of obscurity.


KC said...

Neo - You missed the point. When you donate 5,000 to a political party you dont really have them "by the balls" so to speak. Its not like when you could donate hundreds of thousands.

5,000 was a reasonable limit on contributions. 1,000 goes too far if there arent going to any other legal sources of revenue.

Kelly said...

Harper is playing these amateurs like puppets...again.

If i were Harper, I would remove the poison pill, schedule it for next budget, and when the Libs pass the Update as-is, remind Canadians over and over what, at the end of the day, Liberals are concerned about: our money in their jeans.

Good luck wearing that, suckers.

wilson said...

'If Harper wants to do away with public financing AT LEAST return the maximum donation to $5000.'

Have the Opps proposed an increase in the limits and PMSH refused?

so why would the GG even consider a Dion led coalition,
if none of the Opps have tried to work with the government?

KC said...

Wilson - No one knew this was even going to be an issue until today.

wilson said...

Well if it's an issue, than the Opps should propose ammendments.
If they run to the GG without even attempting to find a compromise or offer a plan to the govt,
why would the GG hand over the government to a coalition?

Are we going to go into a period where every 45 days the government changes hands, it's as simple as a jog to the GG?

Neo Conservative said...

"wilson says... go into a period where every 45 days the government changes hands"

sure, let's do that.

just look how well it's been working out for italy.