21 November 2008

Geez, Jennifer...

...whaddaya gonna do now?

I shall now republish the Rev. Boissoin's words again.

I'm not publishing them to further any debate. I'm publishing them as a personal insult to Jennifer Lynch. And why not? Her continued employment on the taxpayers' dime is an insult to every Canadian who believes in equality before the law.

Here's the text again. It's legal for a Jew like me to publish it. It's illegal for a Christian like Rev. Boissoin to publish it.

That's sick.

UPDATE: The whitewash continues...
The Ottawa Police had asked the RCMP to investigate, when Bell Canada testified that the CHRC hacked into the Internet account of a private citizen. You can see the sworn testimony of Bell Canada's officer, Alain Monfette, describing the exact details of the hacking in this transcript, at pages 5645 and 5646.

This was the Warman v. Lemire hearing that the CHRC desperately tried have a publication ban on the proceedings.

No wonder.


philosoraptor said...

If Ezra truly wanted to run a fair test, he should write IN HIS OWN WORDS, why he thinks gays are a sickness on society, and assert the same level of ludicrous nonsense that the "good" Reverend does.

I really don't think he will, though. I think Ezra is smart enough to know that reprinting or re-posting someone else's words always leaves him an out. He can deny that those were his beliefs and assert that he was just 'trying to make a point'; and this is exactly what he has done.

He hasn't properly tested his hypothesis that he is not punished because he is a Jew. His test - while seeming to mimic the original scenario - is very subtly different, and just in the right way to render it entirely pointless. The results of the test were preset by the test setup itself. The test is meaningless.

Now, c'mon Ezra, grow some balls and REALLY write some hateful anti-gay stuff in your own words. Publish it and advocate that it is disseminated far and wide. Make it public, and assert your belief in it. THAT'S a real test of your hypothesis, not the limp-wristed maneuver you just pulled.

Neo Conservative said...

well, david... welcome to the halls... this is your first time here, right?

i happened to notice your other comment here this morning is a slam against sarah palin.

say... you don't have any sort of agenda do you? first palin... then screeching about ezra being a homophobe... hmmm. i mean, ezra's not the only party who didn't get charged, right?

well... hope you and your whatever (i don't wanna be politically incorrect, right?) enjoy your to-furkey dinner this thanksgiving.

and good luck with that "free speech for some of us" thing you've got going... you're gonna need it.