15 November 2008

Big smoke... in the Big Smoke

How pissed off you have to be with somebody... it's not enough... just to kill them?

-- Essa Township -- Arrest warrants have been issued for three Toronto men after a burned out body was found in a ditch north of the city.

Emergency crews found the remains of 47-year-old Ali Garakan, of Thornhill, who was identified by dental records. A post-mortem examination showed Garakan had died from a stab wound to his chest, police said.

Arrest warrants have been issued for Mohammed Al Kazragy, 23, Payam Khastou, 25, and Arash Arashvand, 22, all of Toronto and all wanted on charges of second-degree murder.


Sitemeter is tellin' me... he's baaa-aaack.

Apparently Censorious Cynic objects to anyone hearing about the recent rash of homicides in urban Ontario. Or maybe... since I have yet to see him freak out about the television and newspaper coverage... it's just me he objects to.

I suspect he's still just kinda touchy about this little gem.

You've also gotta love this guy's total lack of self-awareness as he tries to pin the "neo-nazi" tail... on another prominent conservative blogger.

Good grief.


LAST WORD: Remember Toronto's Ambassador Cab program?

I guess there's still a few bugs in the system...
"Witnesses report hearing some sort of altercation. They heard a voice or voices. The next thing that's heard is a crash, then the first sight is a Beck taxi southbound on Dovercourt Rd.," he said.

The man, 36, was found next to a bicycle on the sidewalk with his leg nearly severed. His leg was amputated later in hospital, where he remained in critical condition, Burrows said.

Into the afternoon, investigators were still trying to figure out "the root of the altercation," but Burrows said it was clear the cabbie "knew he hit the cyclist."


Another Sean said...

I'm not sure if you've seen this site page: http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/statistics/ytd_stats.php. One thing I notice (apropos of nothing) is that the murder rate is down a little from last year, but the Big Smoke still has a murder rate 3 times higher than the number of troop casualties that we have in Afghanistan this year.

Neo Conservative said...

of course... no one ever mentions the 300 attempted handgun murders in toronto so far this year... you know... the ones that have been thwarted by superb emergency medical response... and dumbass shooters who get all their gun smarts from straight to dvd movies.


Anonymous said...

Second-degree murder? Not first? I suppose the fatal wound as accidental, something which unfortunately resulted from a fight gone too far. And the burning of the body? Accidental too.

maryT said...

There is a story out that our Border Guards are having a difficult time passing the required training for using guns.
What did it cost the health care system to save those 300 people, and will they ever be ok again.
Maybe PMSH should mention in his crime bill that putting young thugs away will save millions in health care.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... putting young thugs away will save millions in health care."

not to mention... how many lives?


Anonymous said...

If you were even semiliterate, you would realize CC is noting that you invariably report only the viloent minority deaths. The real media reports them too, but they also report others cases such as this one.

But not a word here at the halls of hypocrisy about that case, where the retired cop who murdered his wife. Maybe because there were no coloureds involved, and no immigrants involved. It might call into question your contention that culture is the reason for all the crimes you do report on. Or even worse, it might not call your contention into question and we would then have to look at the culture of the police, to try and explain why this man allegedly shot his wife dead.

Neo Conservative said...

"cc-nonymous says... we would then have to look at the culture of the police, to try and explain why this man allegedly shot his wife dead."

yes nonny, you brainiac... that's the real problem in canadian society... the police.

not some pottymouth adolescent who, among other things, constantly refers to women as "the dumb cuntitude".

or a rabid anti-semite, who claims the prime minister of canada is in the pockets of the filthy, money-grubbing jews.

or some disgusting swine who tells the mother of a slain canadian soldier to get fucked.

and, for heavens sakes, lets not breathe a word about the sociopathic thugs who are viciously killing each other in ever increasing numbers... as well as innocent bystanders like jane creba.

and yes, i didn't catch that one. checking the date, it looks like i was out back cutting wood for most of the day. i bet i didn't catch all of the hundred other urban homicides in the gta... or the multiples of hundreds in the rest of the country this year either.

but that's not even the point. of the 100 odd cold-blooded murders in the gta this year... how many were committed by police officers... retired or otherwise.

i don't go out of my way to find these stories... they're all front page news.

and if you don't like the way they are being reported... i suggest you contact the local media.

or are they somehow exempt from your broad, braindead leftbot brushstrokes of racism?

but hey, if one retired cop shooting his wife points to the killer culture of the police... what do the hundred other non-cop homicides over the last 10 months indicate?

funny how that works, huh?


Neo Conservative said...

sorry, nonny... another wonderful little fairy tale... but you still haven't worked off your previous karma debt.

nice try though.