30 November 2008

Gimme less Mr Rogers...

...and way more cops...

Two people are believed to be dead and four others injured, including a toddler who is fighting for his life and a police officer, after a man went on a rampage at a birthday party in Oshawa today.

The assailant is believed to have been killed by a police officer who was forced to fire on the man after being stabbed.

UPDATE: Crazy, violent people... lock them up
A crazed man who stabbed a woman to death at a party and then -- according to neighbours -- slit her three-year-old son's throat was shot dead by police yesterday.

The relative and neighbours at the scene outside 1010 Glen St. unit 155 said a fight erupted at a party in the house yesterday and identified the dead man as Gino Petrolia, though the spelling of his last name couldn't immediately be confirmed.

Neighbour Lindsay Demers, 20, said Gino fatally stabbed Leslie Kelly. Demers said she had spoken with relatives of the Kellys. Demers said Gino had been angered that his son Steven was in the custody of Rick and Kelly, apparently because of Gino's mental issues.
He was dangerous enough they wouldn't let him have custody of his child... he should have been in lockdown.


LAST WORD: How long will we tolerate the madness?
A Winnipeg man has been sentenced for the second time to eight years in prison for killing someone while he was drunk.

Trevor Park, 39, pleaded guilty earlier this week to impaired driving causing death and driving while disqualified in connection with a May 24 crash that killed passenger Lorne Alvin Sayer.

In 1993, Park was sentenced to eight years in prison for manslaughter. Court heard that crime was also fuelled by alcohol.
I fear for my country.



langmann said...

Remind me again of how longer sentences don't reduce the crime rate?