17 November 2008

Option One... wait for them...

...to hole a supertanker... or Option Two... follow them back to their base of operations and burn it to the ground...

The US Navy says pirates have hijacked a Saudi-owned oil tanker off the coast of Kenya.

A spokesman for the Navy's Fifth Fleet, Lieutenant Nathan Christensen, says pirates seized control of the tanker Sirius Star on Saturday.
After two or three little lessons... I bet they'd start to come around.



Anonymous said...

Do you suppose the Saudi Government would take it back themselves and crap on the people they probably support

Reid said...

How exactly does one "fence" a tanker load of crude? I mean it's not like there's some back alley refineries out there.

Neo Conservative said...

"Reid says... How exactly does one "fence" a tanker load of crude?"

well... you're actually kidnapping the crew and the ship and demanding a ransom.

they apparently get away with it all the time.


Anonymous said...

Don't count on the Saudis doing anything. They have enough weaponry, and more than enough cash to to buy more if they need it, to resolve the problem. They will sit on the sidelines until the U.S. makes the move so that the approbation will fall on the Americans and not they. Like all the gutless regimes in the middle east, they want someone else to do their fighting for them. They could bomb Somalia with impunity, and keep it up until the Somali government made sure that the tanker and crew were released, but then they might face some of the same criticism that the U.S. gets on a daily basis. Heaven forbid!

Neo Conservative said...

"powell lucas says... Don't count on the Saudis doing anything."

note also... this isn't just about political will.

it's no coincidence that the royal kingdom imports tons of destitute foreign workers to do all of the scut-work in the country.

a true saudi doesn't lift anything heavier than his wallet.


Anonymous said...

Another large container ship has been seized by pirates; this after the oil tanker was taken.
This one contains 36,000 metric tonnes of wheat.


Another site outlining problems is :-

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... Another large container ship has been seized by pirates"

and until these guys are put down hard... instead of being rewarded... they'll keep on doin' it.

get spooky to follow these turds home and light 'em up where they live.

once or twice oughta do it... they might be greedy... but they're not entirely braindead.


Anonymous said...

And give each ship about a dozen of these:-

...also mount some of these aboard.
or maybe some Polsten quad 20mm
(about 10 would do it...call 'em 'chum-makers'.)
and bring back Q ships for those pirates who like to go after smaller vessels.

In addition, Saudia Arabia can well afford armed drones which can be launched from ships.

I'd also consider the complete harbour facilities where the seized ships are to be moored at a distance as having a life measured in minutes.

These half measures might suffice unless there was a need to repeat and widen the message.