24 November 2008

So, despite all the technology...

...the numbers continue to rise...

The UK saw 749 Down's births in 2006, up from 717 in 1989 when tests came in. The Down's Syndrome Association surveyed 1,000 parents to find out why they had pressed ahead with a pregnancy despite a positive test result.
Hmmm... I guess it's not just Sarah Palin, huh?
A fifth said they had known somebody with Down's, a third cited religious or anti-abortion beliefs and 30% felt life had improved for people with Down's.
And, of course, there's the ever-present 20% "dumbstick rule." Unfortunately, a sense of unreality isn't a terribly useful stance.
Almost one in five said they simply did not believe the results of the test.


Frances said...

I'm not au courant with the present state of technology, but wasn't there a problem some years ago with 'false positives' resulting in normal babies being aborted?

Neo Conservative said...

frances... i have no idea.

do you think that fact... (if it is a fact)... is influencing people's decisions here?