19 November 2008

Just another reason

-- TORONTO -- Toronto police have sealed off a street in the east end of the city where four bodies have been found inside a house.

Police, however, have not yet indicated if they are dealing with a quadruple homicide or if a suicide might be involved.
A quadruple suicide? Seriously?

My advice... get out while you can.


UPDATE: Looks like a family affair
Several neighbours said they saw police question and then arrest a man who they believe to be the common-law husband of Elizabeth, the couple's daughter – shortly after 8 a.m.

"He was standing across the street, leaning on the mailbox," said Rogers. "Then when the officers put him in handcuffs, he put his head down and broke down crying."

Elizabeth and her common-law husband lived together in Whitby, neighbours said.

UPDATE2: The mystery continues...
-- TORONTO -- A man detained and questioned by police after four bodies were found in a Toronto home has been released without charges.

Constable Tony Vella would not release the name of the man, who was led away from the scene in handcuffs on Wednesday.
And the latest...
The sister of the man who was arrested says he was the one who discovered the note on the door Wednesday morning.

The woman says her brother went to the house to check on his wife, who went to visit her parents the night before and didn't return phone calls.


Beast said...

What came first, the shooter or the victim?

Neo Conservative said...

apparently, sean... they're not even saying if a firearm was involved... never mind if it was a homicide.

hey... maybe they all just fell down the stairs.


robins111 said...

What do you think neo?

Will (mare) mayor Miller lite, want a stair ban in the city?

Neo Conservative said...

i just pulled a couple of comments here... one of them my own.

this sounds like another family nutjob homicide... a tragedy for everyone involved.

whatever wacky solution mayor "super dave" or the socialist media comes up with is another issue entirely.