15 November 2008

Lemme see if I understand this...

In Dalton McSlippery's fuzzy-bunny socialist paradise... the first woman you shoot is deductible...

A plea bargain which dropped gun charges against a man now charged with a shooting death at the Duke of York pub resulted from glaring "frailties" in the prosecution case, the Sun has learned.

Kyle Weese admitted he shot and wounded Hanna Hudson when he pleaded guilty in 2006 to discharging a firearm with intent to wound.
I'm probably dating myself here... but does anybody else remember the good ol' days... when this was known as "attempted homicide"?



langmann said...

He is now in custody, facing a second-degree murder charge in the shooting death of Bailey Zaveda outside the Duke of York pub last month.

Remind me again, how do longer sentences NOT reduce crime rates?

"It's preposterous, it almost never happens that a person could be declared a dangerous offender based on one set of crimes," defence lawyer Dan Brodsky said.

Ok so after his second set are we going to recommend he become a dangerous offender, or is that preposterous as well?

Neo Conservative said...

maybe Dan Brodsky needs to pull his defence lawyer head... outta his pinko ass...

"Kyle Weese, 25, has an extensive criminal record and is well known to police in the Leslieville neighbourhood where he lives", said Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux of the homicide squad.

"This is an extremely violent man with an extremely violent history."


Pissedoff said...

The death sentence for people like this would certainly reduce the crime rate. I remember when it was abolished, we were told they would get life. Now that has been reduced to a slap on the wrist with the present National Parole Board.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... even paul bernardo... like his partner, killer karla... will be hitting the streets again some day.

life should mean life... no exceptions.