26 November 2008

Hey, Johnson...

...how's your johnson?...

The jurors have heard from public-health officials and clinic nurses and doctors, Mr. Aziga's name then began popping up as a "contact" of newly diagnosed women.

At one point, he had been named as a contact by as many as 20 women throughout Southern Ontario, and ultimately was arrested in August, 2003.

We're here for a good time...
Not a long time...
So have a good time...
The sun can't shine every day.


langmann said...

This guy deserves to be punished.

But in terms of the foolish and painfully stupid women: "you plays the game you takes your chances".

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... This guy deserves to be punished."

this is willfully negligent homicide... but you are indeed correct about the women who had sex with this guy.

two words... - personal - responsibility -

another possible moral of this sad story... educate your children... before they get a hard lesson from somebody else.


Anonymous said...

I know you don't 'believe' Neo, but when God said 'Do not commit adultery' it was not because He is a killjoy.
He has our best interests at heart.


Neo Conservative said...

"bluetech says... He has our best interests at heart."

it's true... i'm not especially religious.

what i do believe though, is that everybody should have their own best interests at heart... you know, like self-respect.

the fact is... having unprotected sex with strangers is like holding a loaded gun to your head.

whether or not you believe it's morally wrong... there's no denying it's incredibly stupid and dangerous.


Anonymous said...

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board paid out to some women who slept with a guy from Nairobi a couple of years ago because he was convicted of a crime.

But anyone dumb enough to have sex with someone who is from a place where a massive percentage of people have HIV should not be entitled to the taxpayer's money, it's going to cost us a fortune just to treat their diseases.

They knew the risks, had the fun, and should pay for it themselves.

Neo Conservative said...

"philanthropist says... anyone dumb enough to have sex with someone who is from a place..."

correction... anyone dumb enough to have unprotected sex with ANYONE they don't know... because, just consider, it's also everyone THEY'VE ever been with that you have to worry about.